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Italian Navy - Marina Militare Italiana
Soldati / Artigliere class Frigate

(modified Lupo class Frigate / originally built for Iraq)

soldati class frigate italian navy marina militare fincantieri lupo 03x
F 582
ITS Artigliere
F 583
ITS Aviere
F 584
ITS Bersagliere
F 585
ITS Granatiere
2525 tons (full load)
113.2 meters (371 feet)
Beam: 11.3 meters (37 ft)
Draft: 3.7 meters (12 ft)

Speed: 35 knots (65 km/h) on gas turbines / 21 knots (39 km/h) on diesels
Range: 5000 NM (9260 km) at 15 knots (28 km/h)
Complement: 185

CODOG (Combined Diesel or Gas)
2 x
GE/Fiat-Avio LM2500 gas turbines (50000 hp / 37 MW)
2 x Grandi Motori Trieste GMT A230-20 diesel engines (7800 hp / 5.8 MW)
2 shafts / 2 controllable pitch propellers


1 x Oto Melara 127/54C compact gun (F-584 had a 127/64LW lightweight gun)
2 x Oto Melara 40L70 Dardo CIWS
8 x Otomat/Teseo Mk.2 SSM anti-ship missiles
1 x Albatros Mk.2 missile launching system for Aspide SAM (8 missiles + reload)

flight deck (25x11 meters) and telescopic hangar for 1 x AB-212ASW helicopter
1 x SPS-774 (RAN-10S) early warning radar
1 x SPQ-712 (RAN-12L/X) surface/air search radar
1 x SPN-703 navigation radar
2 x SPG-70 (RTN-10X) fire control radar (for Aspide SAM & gun)
2 x SPG-74 (RTN-20X) fire control radar (for 40L70 Dardo)
ESM/ECM SLQ-747 (INS-3M) intercept & jammer system
2 x SCLAR decoy launchers

Iraq ordered four Lupo-class frigates from CNR in 1980 as part of a naval expansion program just before the Iran-Iraq War. These ships, which feature a telescopic hangar were completed between 1985 and 1987. Due to restrictions on arm sales to Iraq because of the Iran-Iraq War placed by the Italian prime minister Bettino Craxi, the ships remained interned in Italy until the end of that war in 1988. Iraqi President Saddam Hussein then tried to renegotiate the price of these ships (and the other ships purchased from Italy), claiming he should receive a discount due to the delay in delivery of the ships. Negotiations and court proceedings were still ongoing when Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990 and a new arms embargo against Iraq was placed by the United Nations, again blocking the sale. In 1993 all of them were seized and, after being refitted as patrol ships, incorporated to the Italian Navy as the Soldati class in 1996. Changes made for Italian service included the removal of all ASW equipment. The four ships are used in fleet escort or long range patrolling duties. The Philippines considered acquiring the Soldati class in 2012.
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soldati class frigate italian navy marina militare f-582 artigliere 06x
F 582 ITS Artigliere

soldati class frigate italian navy marina militare f-583 aviere 06x
F 583 ITS Aviere

soldati class frigate italian navy marina militare f-584 bersagliere 06x
F 584 ITS Bersagliere

soldati class frigate italian navy marina militare f-585 granatiere 24x
F 585 ITS Granatiere

soldati class frigate italian navy marina militare armament aspide sam 40l70 dardo ciws teseo ssm missile oto melara

soldati class frigate italian navy marina militare 10
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