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Otomat Teseo anti ship missile SSM

Otomat Mk.2 - Peruvian Navy (photo: Cloudaoc)



The Otomat/Teseo is a long range anti-ship missile first built by the Italian company Oto Melara jointly with Matra and now made by MBDA Missile Systems.

The name comes from the names of the two originally builders (OTO Melara and MATra) and, for the Italian version, from the Italian word for Theseus (the mythical founder-king of Athens).


More than 1000 missiles have been delivered for use from ships and coastal batteries. Today, about 100 ships from 11 Navies are armed with Otomat SSMís - providing long range maritime superiority against naval targets.


Weight: 770 kg (including booster)

Length: 4,46 meters

Diameter: 0,40 meters

Wingspan: 1,35 meters

Range: 180+ kilometers

Engine: Turbojet

Speed: Mach 0,9

Mid-course: Inertial with target position update and radio altimeter

Final attack: Sea-skimming / Active Radar Homing

Warhead: 210 kg (semi-piercing/HE) + residual propellant



Italy, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Egypt, Kenya, Malaysia, Nigeria, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Libya,




Otomat Teseo SSM box launcher Oto Melara Matra MBDA ITS Audace D-551

Otomat/Teseo single and twin box launcher aboard ITS Audace (D-551)


Otomat Teseo SSM box launcher Oto Melara Matra MBDA ITS Zeffiro F-577

Otomat/Teseo single box launcher aboard ITS Zeffiro (F-577)


Otomat Teseo SSM box launcher

Otomat/Teseo twin box launchers



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