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Surface Vessel Weapon System
Mk-110 gun
(57mm/70-caliber naval gun system)
mk-110 gun 57mm 70 caliber freedom independence class lcs bofors bae systems

The baseline version of the Bofors 57mm (2.2 in) L70 gun was the Mark 1, first introduced into service with the Spica-class fast attack craft (FAC) of Swedish Navy in 1966, it has a rate of fire of 200 rounds per minute and a 40-round magazine in the gun turret with a further 128 rounds stowed inside. With minor modifications, the Mark 1 guns could use ammunitions developed for the Mark 2 gun.

The Mark 2 was designed in 1981 but introduced into service with the Stockholm-class corvette - HMS Stockholm (K11) in 1985 (sister ship HMS Malmö (K12) was built in 1984 but armed with the older Mk 1, subsequently retrofitted with the Mk 2 in 2009), the rate of fire was slightly increased to 220 rounds per minute. Also, it featured a new light weight gun turret with a new gun barrel that was forged from monobloc steel (this eliminated the need to use a water jacket for gun barrel cooling during firing) and a new servo drive/servomechanism system (for faster reaction time and better gun aiming and control). According to Bofors, the new servo system allowed the Mk 2 to be both accurate and agile enough for use against sea skimming anti-ship missiles and that it could put more explosives into a surface target within a thirty second window than any naval gun with a calibre smaller than 100 mm (3.9 in).

The latest development is the Mark 3, which was designed in 1995 but introduced into service with the Visby-class corvette - fitted on HMS Visby (K31) in 2000. This new design retained the Mark 2 gun turret, rate of fire and ammunition capacity and has another 1,000 rounds stowed in the standby rack beneath deck. A small radome has been added above the gun barrel and is used for measuring the muzzle velocity of the departing projectiles for fire-control purposes, usually but not necessarily with the new Bofors 57 mm 3P all-target programmable ammunition. Also, a new optional low radar profile (also known as low radar cross-section, or RCS) stealth mounting was developed, this allows the gun to be hidden from radar and plain sight when not in use.

In American service, the United States Navy has designated the Mark 3 as the Mark 110 Mod 0 57mm gun. According to a BAE press release dated 1 August 2005, the Mark 110 would be manufactured at the BAE Systems facility in Louisville, Kentucky.


The 57mm Mk-295 ammunition is based on the Bofors Defence all-target Programmable, Pre-fragmented, Proximity-fuzed (3P) ammunition. The Mk-295 ammo has six operating modes, each programmable by the fire control system to combat all surface, air and shore threats.

They include:
Proximity (Air)
Gated Proximity (Air, Anti-jamming)
Gated Proximity with Impact Priority (Air, Large Targets)
Precision Time (Surface)
Armor Piercing (Surface and Shore)
Impact (Shore)

This increases the flexibility and effectiveness of the gun system, which has further reduced the reaction time of the gun and it is possible to choose ammunition mode at the moment of firing, giving it the ability to switch rapidly between surface targets, air targets as well as ground targets.

Air burst capabilities permit the engagement of concealed targets, small, fast-maneuvering naval craft and anti-ship cruise missiles.

Known as Rapid Switchover for Maritime Intercept Operations (MIO), this all-target ammunition enables the gun to fire warning shots, step up to disabling fires, then instantly switch to lethal fires if required to slow, stop or destroy a vessel of interest.

General Characteristics:
Manufacturer: BAE Systems, Louisville, Kentucky, USA
Caliber: 57mm (57mm/2.2 inches)
Barrel lenght: bore lenght = 3,99 meters / 157.09 inches (= 70 caliber)
Shell: 57x438mm
Range: 10.5 miles / 17 kilometers, max.
Rate of Fire: up to 220 rounds/minute (4 rounds per second)
Elevation: -10° to + 77° / maximum elevating speed: 44°/sec.
Train: unlimited / maximum train speed: 57°/sec.
Weight, complete without ammunition: 14960 lbs / 6800 kg

Ammunition Capacity: 120 ready-rounds in gun-mounting.
(up to 1000 rounds in the ship magazines ready to be loaded into the hoists when ordered, via two ammunition hoists)
Time for loading rounds: 3-4 minutes

Mk-295 3P all-target, 6-mode programmable, pre-fragmented and proximity-fused (3P)
Mk-296 TP training projectile

Used on:
Freedom class LCS
Independence class LCS
US Coast Guard ships


mk-110 57mm gun

mk-110 57mm 57L70 naval gun bofors bae systems

mk-110 gun freedom independence class littoral combat ship

mk-110 57mm gun

mk-110 gun

Mk-110 gun 57mm 2.2 inch

mk-110 57mm gun ammunition

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