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US Navy air units

US Navy - current air units

US Navy / air units - site overview


US Navy / air wings


CVW-1 Carrier Air Wing 1

CVW-2 Carrier Air Wing 2

CVW-3 Carrier Air Wing 3

CVW-5 Carrier Air Wing 5

CVW-6 Carrier Air Wing 6

CVW-7 Carrier Air Wing 7

CVW-8 Carrier Air Wing 8

CVW-9 Carrier Air Wing 9

CVW-10 Carrier Air Wing 10

CVW-11 Carrier Air Wing 11

CVW-13 Carrier Air Wing 13

CVW-14 Carrier Air Wing 14

CVW-15 Carrier Air Wing 15

CVW-16 Carrier Air Wing 16

CVW-17 Carrier Air Wing 17

CVW-19 Carrier Air Wing 19

CVW-21 Carrier Air Wing 21

CVWR-4 Carrier Air Wing Reserve 4

CVWR-12 Carrier Air Wing Reserve 12

CVWR-20 Carrier Air Wing Reserve 20

CVWR-30 Carrier Air Wing Reserve 30

TSW Tactical Support Wing



US Navy / air squadrons


Helicopter Combat Support Squadrons - HC

HC-1 Helicopter Combat Support Squadron 1 ‘Pacific Fleet Angels’
HC-2 Helicopter Combat Support Squadron 2 ‘Fleet Angels’
HC-3 Helicopter Combat Support Squadron 3 ‘Pack Rats’
HC-4 Helicopter Combat Support Squadron 4 ‘Black Stallions’
HC-5 Helicopter Combat Support Squadron 5 ‘Providers’
HC-6 Helicopter Combat Support Squadron 6 ‘Chargers’
HC-7 Helicopter Combat Support Squadron 7 ‘Seadevils’
HC-8 Helicopter Combat Support Squadron 8 ‘Dragon Whales’
HC-9 Helicopter Combat Support Squadron 9 ‘Protectors’
HC-11 Helicopter Combat Support Squadron 11 ‘Gunbearers’
HC-16 Helicopter Combat Support Squadron 16 ‘Bullfrogs’
HC-85 Helicopter Combat Support Squadron 85 ‘Golden Gaters’


Helicopter Combat Support Special Squadrons - HCS

HCS-4 Helicopter Combat Support Special Squadron 4 ‘Red Wolves’
HCS-5 Helicopter Combat Support Special Squadron 5 ‘Firehawks’


Helicopter Mine Countermeasures Squadrons - HM

HM-12 Helicopter Mine Countermeasures Squadron 12 ‘Sea Dragons’
HM-14 Helicopter Mine Countermeasures Squadron 14 ‘Vanguard’
HM-15 Helicopter Mine Countermeasures Squadron 15 ‘Blackhawks’
HM-16 Helicopter Mine Countermeasures Squadron 16 ‘Seahawks’
HM-18 Helicopter Mine Countermeasures Squadron 18 ‘Norsemen’
HM-19 Helicopter Mine Countermeasures Squadron 19 ‘Golden Bears’


Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadrons - HS

HS-1 Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron 1 ‘Seahorses’
HS-2 Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron 2 ‘Golden Falcons’
HS-3 Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron 3 ‘Tridents’
HS-4 Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron 4 ‘Black Knights’
HS-5 Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron 5 ‘Nightdippers’
HS-6 Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron 6 ‘Indians’
HS-7 Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron 7 ‘Dusty Dogs’
HS-8 Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron 8 ‘Eightballers’
HS-9 Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron 9 ‘Sea Griffins’
HS-10 Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron 10 ‘Warhawks’
HS-11 Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron 11 ‘Dragonslayers’
HS-12 Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron 12 ‘Wyverns’
HS-14 Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron 14 ‘Chargers’
HS-15 Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron 15 ‘Red Lions’
HS-16 Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron 16 ‘Nighthawks’
HS-17 Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron 17 ‘Neptune’s Raiders’
HS-74 Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron 74 ‘Minutemen’
HS-75 Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron 75 ‘Emerald Knights’
HS-84 Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron 84 ‘Thunderbolts’
HS-85 Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron 85 ‘Golden Gaters’


Helicopter Sea Combat Squadrons - HSC

HSC-2 Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 2 ‘Fleet Angels’
HSC-3 Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 3 ‘Merlins’
HSC-4 Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 4 ‘Black Knights’
HSC-5 Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 5 ‘Nightdippers’
HSC-6 Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 6 ‘Indians’
HSC-7 Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 7 ‘Dusty Dogs’
HSC-8 Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 8 ‘Eightballers’
HSC-9 Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 9 ‘Tridents’
HSC-11 Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 11 ‘Dragonslayers’
HSC-12 Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 12 ‘Golden Falcons’
HSC-14 Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 14 ‚Chargers’
HSC-15 Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 15 ‘Red Lions’
HSC-21 Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 21 ‘Blackjacks’
HSC-22 Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 22 ‘Sea Knights’
HSC-23 Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 23 ‘Wildcards’
HSC-25 Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 25 ‘Island Knights’
HSC-26 Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 26 ‘Chargers’
HSC-28 Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 28 ‘Dragon Whales’
HSC-84 Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 84 ‘Red Wolves’
HSC-85 Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 85 ‘Firehawks’


Helicopter Anti-Submarine (Light) Squadrons - HSL

HSL-30 Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Light 30 ‘Neptune’s Horsemen’
HSL-31 Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Light 31 ‘Arch Angels’
HSL-32 Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Light 32 ‘Invaders’
HSL-33 Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Light 33 ‘Seasnakes’
HSL-34 Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Light 34 ‘Greencheckers’
HSL-35 Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Light 35 ‘Magicians’
HSL-36 Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Light 36 ‘Lamplighters’
HSL-37 Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Light 37 ‘Easy Riders’
HSL-40 Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Light 40 ‘Airwolves’
HSL-41 Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Light 41 ‘Seahawks’
HSL-42 Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Light 42 ‘Proud Warriors’
HSL-43 Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Light 43 ‘Battle Cats’
HSL-44 Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Light 44 ‘Swamp Fox’
HSL-45 Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Light 45 ‘Wolfpack’
HSL-46 Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Light 46 ‘Grandmasters’
HSL-47 Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Light 47 ‘Saberhawks’
HSL 48 Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Light 48 ‘Vipers’
HSL-49 Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Light 49 ‘Scorpions’
HSL-51 Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Light 51 ‘Warlords’
HSL-60 Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Light 60 ‘Jaguars’
HSL-74 Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Light 74 ‘Demon Elves’
HSL-84 Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Light 84 ‘Thunderbolts’
HSL-94 Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Light 94 ‘Titans’


Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadrons - HSM

HSM-35 Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron 35 'Magicians'

HSM-37 Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron 37 ‘Easyriders’
HSM-40 Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron 40 ‘Airwolves’
HSM-41 Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron 41 ‘Seahawks’
HSM-46 Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron 46 ‘Grandmasters'
HSM-48 Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron 48 ‘Vipers’
HSM-49 Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron 49 ‘Scorpions’
HSM-51 Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron 51 ‘Warlords’
HSM-60 Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron 60 'Jaguars'

HSM-70 Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron 70 ‘Spartans’
HSM-71 Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron 71 ‘Raptors’
HSM-72 Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron 72 'Proud Warriors'
HSM-73 Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron 73 ‘Battlecats’
HSM-74 Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron 74 ‘Swamp Foxes’
HSM-75 Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron 75 ‘Wolfpack’
HSM-76 Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron 76
HSM-77 Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron 77 ‘Saberhawks’
HSM-78 Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron 78 'Blue Hawks'
HSM-79 Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron 79 'Griffins'


Helicopter Training Squadrons - HT

HT-8 Helicopter Training Squadron 8 ‘Eightballers’
HT-18 Helicopter Training Squadron 18 ‘Vigilant Eagles’
HT-28 Helicopter Training Squadron 28 ‘Hellions’


Helicopter Attack (Light) Squadrons - HAL

HAL-3 Helicopter Attack Squadron Light 3 ‘Seawolves’
HAL-4 Helicopter Attack Squadron Light 4 ‘Red Wolves’
HAL-5 Helicopter Attack Squadron Light 5 ‘Blue Hawks’



Attack Squadrons - VA

VA-12 Attack Squadron 12 ‘Flying Ubangis/Clinchers’
VA-15 Attack Squadron 15 ‘Valions’
VA-22 Attack Squadron 22 ‘Fighting Redcocks’
VA-23 Attack Squadron 23 ‘Black Knights’
VA-25 Attack Squadron 25 ‘Fist of the Fleet’
VA-27 Attack Squadron 27 ‘Royal Maces’
VA-34 Attack Squadron 34 ‘Blue Blasters’
VA-35 Attack Squadron 35 ‘Panthers’
VA-36 Attack Squadron 36 ‘Road Runners’
VA-37 Attack Squadron 37 ‘Bulls’
VA-42 Attack Squadron 42 ‘Green Pawns/Thunderbolts’
VA-43 Attack Squadron 43 ‘Challengers’
VA-44 Attack Squadron 44 ‘Hornets’
VA-45 Attack Squadron 45 ‘Blackbirds’
VA-46 Attack Squadron 46 ‘Clansmen’
VA-52 Attack Squadron 52 ‘Knightriders’
VA-55 Attack Squadron 55 ‘Warhorses’
VA-56 Attack Squadron 56 ‘Champions’
VA-64 Attack Squadron 64 ‘Black Lancers’
VA-65 Attack Squadron 65 ‘Tigers’
VA-66 Attack Squadron 66 ‘Waldos’
VA-72 Attack Squadron 72 ‘Blue Hawks’
VA-75 Attack Squadron 75 ‘Sunday Punchers’
VA-76 Attack Squadron 76 ‘Spirits’
VA-81 Attack Squadron 81 ‘Sunliners’
VA-82 Attack Squadron 82 ‘Marauders’
VA-83 Attack Squadron 83 ‘Rampagers’
VA-85 Attack Squadron 85 ‘Black Falcons’
VA-86 Attack Squadron 86 ‘Sidewinders’
VA-87 Attack Squadron 87 ‘Golden Warriors’
VA-93 Attack Squadron 93 ‘Blue Blazers / Ravens’
VA-94 Attack Squadron 94 ‘Mighty Shrikes’
VA-95 Attack Squadron 95 ‘Green Lizards’
VA-97 Attack Squadron 97 ‘Warhawks’
VA-105 Attack Squadron 105 ‘Gunslingers’
VA-106 Attack Squadron 106 ‘Gladiators’
VA-112 Attack Squadron 112 ‘Broncos’
VA-113 Attack Squadron 113 ‘Stingers’
VA-115 Attack Squadron 115 ‘Eagles’
VA-122 Attack Squadron 122 ‘Flying Eagles’
VA-125 Attack Squadron 125 ‘Rough Raiders’
VA-126 Attack Squadron 126 ‘Nulli Secundus’
VA-127 Attack Squadron 127 ‘Desert Bogeys’
VA-128 Attack Squadron 128 ‘Golden Intruders’
VA-133 Attack Squadron 133 ‘Blue Knights’
VA-134 Attack Squadron 134 ’Scorpions’
VA-135 Attack Squadron 135 ‘Thunderbirds’
VA-144 Attack Squadron 144 ‘Road Runners’
VA-145 Attack Squadron 145 ‘Swordsmen’
VA-146 Attack Squadron 146 ‘Blue Diamonds’
VA-147 Attack Squadron 147 ‘Argonauts’
VA-152 Attack Squadron 152 ‘Mavericks’
VA-153 Attack Squadron 153 ‘Blue Tail Flies’
VA-155 Attack Squadron 155 ‘Silver Foxes’
VA-163 Attack Squadron 163 ‘Saints’
VA-164 Attack Squadron 164 ‘Ghost Riders’
VA-165 Attack Squadron 165 ‘Boomers’
VA-172 Attack Squadron 172 ‘Blue Bolts’
VA-174 Attack Squadron 174 ‘Hell Razors’
VA-176 Attack Squadron 176 ‘Thunderbolts’
VA-185 Attack Squadron 185 ‘Knighthawks’
VA-192 Attack Squadron 192 ‘Golden Dragons’
VA-195 Attack Squadron 195 ‘Dambusters’
VA-196 Attack Squadron 196 ‘Main Battery’
VA-203 Attack Squadron 203 ‘Blue Dolphins’
VA-204 Attack Squadron 204 ‘River Rattlers’
VA-205 Attack Squadron 205 ‘Green Falcons’
VA-209 Attack Squadron 209 ‘Air Barons’
VA-210 Attack Squadron 210 ‘Black Hawks’
VA-212 Attack Squadron 212 ‘Rampant Raiders’
VA-215 Attack Squadron 215 ‘Barn Owls’
VA-216 Attack Squadron 216 ‘Black Diamonds’
VA-303 Attack Squadron 303 ‘Golden Hawks’
VA-304 Attack Squadron 304 ‘Firebirds’
VA-305 Attack Squadron 305 ‘Lobos’


Tactical Electronic Warfare / Electronic Attack Squadrons - VAQ

VAQ-33 Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron 33 ‘Firebirds’
VAQ-34 Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron 34 ‘Electric Horsemen’
VAQ-35 Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron 35 ‘Grey Wolves’
VAQ-128 Electronic Attack Squadron 128 ‘Fighting Phoenix’
VAQ-129 Electronic Attack Squadron 129 ‘Vikings’
VAQ-130 Electronic Attack Squadron 130 ‘Zappers’
VAQ-131 Electronic Attack Squadron 131 ‘Lancers’
VAQ-132 Electronic Attack Squadron 132 ‘Scorpions’
VAQ-133 Electronic Attack Squadron 133 ‘Wizards’
VAQ-134 Electronic Attack Squadron 134 ‘Garudas’
VAQ-135 Electronic Attack Squadron 135 ‘Black Ravens’
VAQ-136 Electronic Attack Squadron 136 ‘Gauntlets’
VAQ-137 Electronic Attack Squadron 137 ‘Rooks’
VAQ-138 Electronic Attack Squadron 138 ‘Yellowjackets’
VAQ-139 Electronic Attack Squadron 139 ‘Cougars’
VAQ-140 Electronic Attack Squadron 140 ‘Patriots’
VAQ-141 Electronic Attack Squadron 141 ‘Shadowhawks’
VAQ-142 Electronic Attack Squadron 142 ‘Grey Wolves’
VAQ-208 Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron 208 ‘Jockeys’
VAQ-209 Electronic Attack Squadron 209 ‘Star Warriors’
VAQ-308 Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron 308 ‘Griffins’
VAQ-309 Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron 309 ‘Axemen’


Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadrons - VAW

VAW-11 Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron 11 ‘Early Elevens’
VAW-12 Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron 12 ‘Bats’
VAW-13 Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron 13 ‘Zappers’
VAW-33 Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron 33 ‘Knight Hawks’
VAW-77 Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron 77 ‘Night Wolves’
VAW-78 Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron 78 ‘Fighting Escargots’
VAW-88 Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron 88 ‘Cotton Pickers’
VAW-110 Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron 110 ‘Firebirds’
VAW-111 Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron 111 ‘Gray Berets’
VAW-112 Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron 112 ‘Golden Hawks’
VAW-113 Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron 113 ‘Black Eagles’
VAW-114 Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron 114 ‘Hormel Hawgs’
VAW-115 Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron 115 ‘Liberty Bells’
VAW-116 Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron 116 ‘Sun Kings’
VAW-117 Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron 117 ‘Wallbangers’
VAW-120 Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron 120 ‘Greyhawks’
VAW-121 Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron 121 ‘Bluetails’
VAW-122 Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron 122 ‘Steeljaw’
VAW-123 Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron 123 ‘Screwtops’
VAW-124 Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron 124 ‘Bear Aces’
VAW-125 Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron 125 ‘Tigertails’
VAW-126 Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron 126 ‘Seahawks’
VAW-127 Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron 127 ‘Seabats’


Fleet Composite Squadrons - VC

VC-1 Fleet Composite Squadron 1 ‘Blue Alii’
VC-2 Fleet Composite Squadron 2 ‘Blue Tails’
VC-4 Fleet Composite Squadron 4 ‘Dragon Flyers’
VC-5 Fleet Composite Squadron 5 ‘Checkertails’
VC-6 Fleet Composite Squadron 6 ‘Skeeters/Skeet of the Fleet’
VC-7 Fleet Composite Squadron 7 ‘Redtails’
VC-8 Fleet Composite Squadron 8 ‘Redtails’
VC-10 Fleet Composite Squadron 10 ‘Challengers’
VC-12 Fleet Composite Squadron 12 ‘Omars’
VC-13 Fleet Composite Squadron 13 ‘Saints’


Fighter Squadrons - VF

VF-1 Fighter Squadron 1 ‘Wolfpack’
VF-2 Fighter Squadron 2 ‘Bounty Hunters’
VF-11 Fighter Squadron 11 ‘Red Rippers’
VF-13 Fighter Squadron 13 ‘Nightcappers’
VF-14 Fighter Squadron 14 ‘Tophatters’
VF-21 Fighter Squadron 21 ‘Freelancers’
VF-24 Fighter Squadron 24 ‘Fighting Renegades’
VF-31 Fighter Squadron 31 ‘Tomcatters’
VF-32 Fighter Squadron 32 ‘Swordsmen’
VF-33 Fighter Squadron 33 ‘Tarsiers/Starfighters’
VF-41 Fighter Squadron 41 ‘Black Aces’
VF-43 Fighter Squadron 43 ‘Challengers’
VF-45 Fighter Squadron 45 ‘Blackbirds’
VF-51 Fighter Squadron 51 ‘Screaming Eagles’
VF-53 Fighter Squadron 53 ‘Iron Angels’
VF-54 Fighter Squadron 54 ‘Silver Kings’
VF-74 Fighter Squadron 74 ‘Bedevilers’
VF-84 Fighter Squadron 84 ‘Jolly Rogers’
VF-91 Fighter Squadron 91 ‘Red Lightnings’
VF-92 Fighter Squadron 92 ‘Silver Kings’
VF-96 Fighter Squadron 96 ‘Fighting Falcons’
VF-101 Fighter Squadron 101 ‘Grim Reapers’
VF-102 Fighter Squadron 102 ‘Diamondbacks’
VF-103 Fighter Squadron 103 ‘Sluggers/Jolly Rogers’
VF-111 Fighter Squadron 111 ‘Sundowners’
VF-114 Fighter Squadron 114 ‘Aardvarks’
VF-121 Fighter Squadron 121 ‘Pacemakers’
VF-124 Fighter Squadron 124 ‘Gunfighters’
VF-126 Fighter Squadron 126 ‘Fighting Seahawks/Bandits’
VF-142 Fighter Squadron 142 ‘Ghostriders’
VF-143 Fighter Squadron 143 ‘Pukin’ Dogs’
VF-151 Fighter Squadron 151 ‘Vigilantes’
VF-154 Fighter Squadron 154 ‘Black Knights’
VF-161 Fighter Squadron 161 ‘Chargers’
VF-162 Fighter Squadron 162 ‘Hunters’
VF-171 Fighter Squadron 171 ‘Aces’
VF-174 Fighter Squadron 174 ‘Hell Razors’
VF-191 Fighter Squadron 191 ‘Satan’s Kittens’
VF-193 Fighter Squadron 193 ‘Ghostriders’
VF-194 Fighter Squadron 194 ‘Red Lightnings’
VF-201 Fighter Squadron 201 ‘Hunters’
VF-202 Fighter Squadron 202 ‘Superheats’
VF-211 Fighter Squadron 211 ‘Fighting Checkmates’
VF-213 Fighter Squadron 213 ‘Black Lions’
VF-301 Fighter Squadron 301 ‘Devils Disciples’
VF-302 Fighter Squadron 302 ‘Stallions’


Fighter Attack / Strike Fighter Squadrons - VFA

VFA-2 Strike Fighter Squadron 2 ‘Bounty Hunters’
VFA-11 Strike Fighter Squadron 11 ‘Red Rippers’
VFA-14 Strike Fighter Squadron 14 ‘Tophatters’
VFA-15 Strike Fighter Squadron 15 ‘Valions’
VFA-22 Strike Fighter Squadron 22 ‘Fighting Redcocks’
VFA-25 Strike Fighter Squadron 25 ‘Fist of the Fleet’
VFA-27 Strike Fighter Squadron 27 ‘Chargers/Royal Maces’
VFA-31 Strike Fighter Squadron 31 ‘Tomcatters’
VFA-32 Strike Fighter Squadron 32 ‘Swordsmen’
VFA-34 Strike Fighter Squadron 34 ‘Blue Blasters’
VFA-37 Strike Fighter Squadron 37 ‘Ragin Bulls’
VFA-41 Strike Fighter Squadron 41 ‘Black Aces’
VFA-81 Strike Fighter Squadron 81 ‘Sunliners’
VFA-82 Strike Fighter Squadron 82 ‘Marauders’
VFA-83 Strike Fighter Squadron 83 ‘Rampagers’
VFA-86 Strike Fighter Squadron 86 ‘Sidewinders’
VFA-87 Strike Fighter Squadron 87 ‘Golden Warriors’
VFA-94 Strike Fighter Squadron 94 ‘Mighty Shrikes’
VFA-97 Strike Fighter Squadron 97 ‘Warhawks’

VFA-101 Strike Fighter Squadron 101 ‚Grim Reapers’
VFA-102 Strike Fighter Squadron 102 ‘Diamondbacks’
VFA-103 Strike Fighter Squadron 103 ‘Jolly Rogers’
VFA-105 Strike Fighter Squadron 105 ‘Gunslingers’
VFA-106 Strike Fighter Squadron 106 ‘Gladiators’
VFA-113 Strike Fighter Squadron 113 ‘Stingers’
VFA-115 Strike Fighter Squadron 115 ‘Eagles’
VFA-122 Strike Fighter Squadron 122 ‘Flying Eagles’
VFA-125 Strike Fighter Squadron 125 ‘Rough Raiders’
VFA-127 Strike Fighter Squadron 127 ‘Desert Bogeys’
VFA-131 Strike Fighter Squadron 131 ‘Wildcats’
VFA-132 Strike Fighter Squadron 132 ‘Privateers’
VFA-136 Strike Fighter Squadron 136 ‘Knighthawks’
VFA-137 Strike Fighter Squadron 137 ‘Kestrels’
VFA-143 Strike Fighter Squadron 143 ‘Pukin’ Dogs’
VFA-146 Strike Fighter Squadron 146 ‘Blue Diamonds’
VFA-147 Strike Fighter Squadron 147 ‘Argonauts’
VFA-151 Strike Fighter Squadron 151 ‘Vigilantes’
VFA-154 Strike Fighter Squadron 154 ‘Black Knights’
VFA-161 Strike Fighter Squadron 161 ‘Chargers’
VFA-192 Strike Fighter Squadron 192 ‘Golden Dragons’
VFA-195 Strike Fighter Squadron 195 ‘Dambusters’
VFA-201 Strike Fighter Squadron 201 ‘Hunters’
VFA-203 Strike Fighter Squadron 203 ‘Blue Dolphins’
VFA-204 Strike Fighter Squadron 204 ‘River Rattlers’
VFA-211 Strike Fighter Squadron 211 ‘Checkmates’
VFA-213 Strike Fighter Squadron 213 ‘Black Lions’
VFA-303 Strike Fighter Squadron 303 ‘Golden Hawks’
VFA-305 Strike Fighter Squadron 305 ‘Lobos’


Fighter Squadrons Composite - VFC

VFC-12 Fighter Squadron Composite 12 ‘Fighting Omars’
VFC-13 Fighter Squadron Composite 13 ‘Saints’
VFC-111 Fighter Squadron Composite 111 ‘Sundowners’


Patrol Squadrons - VP

VP-1 Patrol Squadron 1 ‘Screaming Eagles’
VP-2 Patrol Squadron 2 ‘Neptunes’
VP-4 Patrol Squadron 4 ‘Skinny Dragons’
VP-5 Patrol Squadron 5 ‘Mad Foxes’
VP-6 Patrol Squadron 6 ‘Blue Sharks’
VP-7 Patrol Squadron 7 ‘Black Falcons’
VP-8 Patrol Squadron 8 ‘Tigers’
VP-9 Patrol Squadron 9 ‘Golden Eagles’
VP-10 Patrol Squadron 10 ‘Lancers’
VP-11 Patrol Squadron 11 ‘Proud Pegasus’
VP-16 Patrol Squadron 16 ‘Eagles’
VP-17 Patrol Squadron 17 ‘White Lightnings’
VP-18 Patrol Squadron 18 ‘Flying Phantoms’
VP-19 Patrol Squadron 19 ‘Big Red’
VP-21 Patrol Squadron 21 ‘Black Jack’
VP-22 Patrol Squadron 22 ‘Blue Geese’
VP-23 Patrol Squadron 23 ‘Sea Hawks’
VP-24 Patrol Squadron 24 ‘Batmen’
VP-26 Patrol Squadron 26 ‘Tridents’
VP-28 Patrol Squadron 28 ‘Hawaiian Warriors’
VP-30 Patrol Squadron 30 ‘Pro’s Nest’
VP-31 Patrol Squadron 31 ‘Black Lightnings/Genies’
VP-40 Patrol Squadron 40 ‘Fighting Marlins’
VP-42 Patrol Squadron 42 ‘Seademons’
VP-44 Patrol Squadron 44 ‘Golden Pelicans’
VP-45 Patrol Squadron 45 ‘Pelicans’
VP-46 Patrol Squadron 46 ‘Grey Knights’
VP-47 Patrol Squadron 47 ‘Golden Swordsmen’
VP-48 Patrol Squadron 48 ‘Boomers/Pelicans’
VP-49 Patrol Squadron 49 ‘Woodpeckers’
VP-50 Patrol Squadron 50 ‘Blue Dragons’
VP-56 Patrol Squadron 56 ‘Dragons’
VP-60 Patrol Squadron 60 ‘Cobras’
VP-62 Patrol Squadron 62 ‘Broadarrows’
VP-64 Patrol Squadron 64 ‘Condors’
VP-65 Patrol Squadron 65 ‘Tridents’
VP-66 Patrol Squadron 66 ‘Liberty Bell’
VP-67 Patrol Squadron 67 ‘Golden Hawks’
VP-68 Patrol Squadron 68 ‘Blackhawks’
VP-69 Patrol Squadron 69 ‘Totems’
VP-90 Patrol Squadron 90 ‘Lions’
VP-91 Patrol Squadron 91 ‘Black Cats’
VP-92 Patrol Squadron 92 ‘Minutemen’
VP-93 Patrol Squadron 93 ‘Executioners’
VP-94 Patrol Squadron 94 ‘Crawfishers’


Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadrons - VQ

VQ-1 Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron 1 ‘World Watchers’
VQ-2 Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron 2 ‘Sandeman’
VQ-3 Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron 3 ‘Ironman’
VQ-4 Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron 4 ‘Shadows’
VQ-5 Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron 5 ‘Sea Shadows’
VQ-6 Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron 6 ‘Black Ravens’
VQ-7 Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron 7 ‘Roughnecks’
VQ-11 Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron 11 ‘Bandits’


Fleet Logistics Support Squadrons - VR

VR-1 Fleet Logistics Support Squadron 1 ‘Star Lifters’
VR-46 Fleet Logistics Support Squadron 46 ‘Eagles’
VR-48 Fleet Logistics Support Squadron 48 ‘Capital Skyliners’
VR-51 Fleet Logistics Support Squadron 51 ‘Windjammers’
VR-52 Fleet Logistics Support Squadron 52 ‘Taskmasters’
VR-53 Fleet Logistics Support Squadron 53 ‘Capital Express’
VR-54 Fleet Logistics Support Squadron 54 ‘Revelers’
VR-55 Fleet Logistics Support Squadron 55 ‘Minutemen’
VR-56 Fleet Logistics Support Squadron 56 ‘Globemasters’
VR-57 Fleet Logistics Support Squadron 57 ‘Conquistadors’
VR-58 Fleet Logistics Support Squadron 58 ‘Sunseekers’
VR-59 Fleet Logistics Support Squadron 59 ‘Lone Star Express’
VR-61 Fleet Logistics Support Squadron 61 ‘Islanders’
VR-62 Fleet Logistics Support Squadron 62 ‘Nor’Easters’
VR-64 Fleet Logistics Support Squadron 64 ‘Condors’


Fleet Logistics Support Squadrons (COD) - VRC

VRC-30 Fleet Logistics Support Squadron 30 ‘Providers’
VRC-40 Fleet Logistics Support Squadron 40 ‘Rawhides’
VRC-50 Fleet Logistics Support Squadron 50 ‘Foo Dogs’


Carrier Air Anti-Submarine / Sea Control Squadrons - VS

VS-21 Sea Control Squadron 21 ‘Fighting Redtails’
VS-22 Sea Control Squadron 22 ‘Checkmates’
VS-24 Sea Control Squadron 24 ‘Duty Cats/Scouts’
VS-27 Sea Control Squadron 27 ‘Pelicans/Grim Watchdogs’
VS-28 Sea Control Squadron 28 ‘Hukkers/Professionals’
VS-29 Sea Control Squadron 29 ‘Vikings/Screaming Dragonfires’
VS-30 Sea Control Squadron 30 ‘Diamond Cutters’
VS-31 Sea Control Squadron 31 ‘Topcats’
VS-32 Sea Control Squadron 32 ‘Yellow Tails/Maulers’
VS-33 Sea Control Squadron 33 ‘Screwbirds’
VS-35 Sea Control Squadron 35 ‘Boomerangers/Blue Wolves’
VS-37 Sea Control Squadron 37 ‘Rooster Tails/Sawbucks’
VS-38 Sea Control Squadron 38 ‘Red Griffins’
VS-41 Sea Control Squadron 41 ‘Shamrocks’


Training Squadrons - VT

VT-1 Training Squadron 1 ‘Eaglets’
VT-2 Training Squadron 2 ‘Doerbirds’
VT-3 Training Squadron 3 ‘Red Knights’
VT-4 Training Squadron 4 ‘Mighty Warbucks’
VT-5 Training Squadron 5 ‘Pussycats’
VT-6 Training Squadron 6 ‘Shooters’
VT-7 Training Squadron 7 ‘Eagles’
VT-9 Training Squadron 9 ‘Tigers’
VT-10 Training Squadron 10 ‘Wildcats’
VT-19 Training Squadron 19 ‘Fighting Frogs’
VT-21 Training Squadron 21 ‘Redhawks’
VT-22 Training Squadron 22 ‘Golden Eagles’
VT-23 Training Squadron 23 ‘Professionals’
VT-24 Training Squadron 24 ‘Bobcats’
VT-25 Training Squadron 25 ‘Cougars’
VT-26 Training Squadron 26 ‘Flying Tigers’
VT-27 Training Squadron 27 ‘Boomers’
VT-28 Training Squadron 28 ‘Rangers’
VT-31 Training Squadron 31 ‘Wise Owls’
VT-35 Training Squadron 35 ‘Stingrays’
VT-86 Training Squadron 86 ‘Sabrehawks’


Air Test and Evaluation Squadrons - VX

VX-1 Air Test and Evaluation Squadron 1 ‘Pioneers’
VX-4 Air Test and Evaluation Squadron 4 ‘Evaluators’
VX-5 Air Test and Evaluation Squadron 5 ‘Vampires’
VX-9 Air Test and Evaluation Squadron 9 ‘Vampires’
VX-20 Air Test and Evaluation Squadron 20 ‘Force’
VX-23 Air Test and Evaluation Squadron 23 ‘Saltydogs’
VX-30 Air Test and Evaluation Squadron 30 ‘Bloodhounds’
VX-31 Air Test and Evaluation Squadron 31 ‘Dust Devils’


Reconnaissance Attack Squadrons - RVAH

RVAH-1 Reconnaissance Attack Squadron 1 ‘Smokin’ Tigers’
RVAH-3 Reconnaissance Attack Squadron 3 ‘Sea Dragons’
RVAH-5 Reconnaissance Attack Squadron 5 ‘Savage Sons’
RVAH-6 Reconnaissance Attack Squadron 6 ‘Fleurs’
RVAH-7 Reconnaissance Attack Squadron 7 ‘Peacemakers’
RVAH-9 Reconnaissance Attack Squadron 9 ‘Hoot Owls’
RVAH-11 Reconnaissance Attack Squadron 11 ‘Checkertails’
RVAH-12 Reconnaissance Attack Squadron 12 ‘Speartips’
RVAH-13 Reconnaissance Attack Squadron 13 ‘Bats’
RVAH-14 Reconnaissance Attack Squadron 14 ‘Eagle Eyes’


Heavy Attack Squadrons - VAH

VAH-1 Heavy Attack Squadron 1 ‘Tigers’
VAH-2 Heavy Attack Squadron 2 ‘Royal Rampants’
VAH-3 Heavy Attack Squadron 3 ‘Sea Dragons’
VAH-4 Heavy Attack Squadron 4 ‘Fourrunners’
VAH-5 Heavy Attack Squadron 5 ‘Savage Sons’
VAH-6 Heavy Attack Squadron 6 ‘Fleurs’
VAH-7 Heavy Attack Squadron 7 ‘Peacemakers of the Fleet’
VAH-8 Heavy Attack Squadron 8 ‘Fireballers’
VAH-9 Heavy Attack Squadron 9 ‘Hoot Owls’
VAH-10 Heavy Attack Squadron 10 ‘Vikings’
VAH-11 Heavy Attack Squadron 11 ‘Checkertails’
VAH-13 Heavy Attack Squadron 13 ‘Bats’
VAH-21 Heavy Attack Squadron 21 ‘Roadrunners’
VAH-123 Heavy Attack Squadron 123 ‘Pros’


Tactical Aerial Refueling Squadrons - VAK

VAK-208 Tactical Aerial Refueling Squadron 208 ‘Jockeys’
VAK-308 Tactical Aerial Refueling Squadron 308 ‘Griffins’


Light Attack Squadron - VAL

VAL-4 Light Attack Squadron 4 ‘Black Ponies’


Heavy Photographic Squadrons - VAP

VAP-61 Heavy Photographic Squadron 61 ‘World Recorders’
VAP-62 Heavy Photographic Squadron 62 ‘Tigers’


Light Photographic Squadron - VFP

VFP-63 Light Photographic Squadron 63 ‘Eyes of the Fleet’


Patrol Squadron Special Unit - VPU

VPU-1 Patrol Squadron Special Unit 1 ‘Old Buzzards’
VPU-2 Patrol Squadron Special Unit 2 ‘Wizards’


Antarctic Development Squadron - VXE

VXE-6 Antarctic Development Squadron 6 ‘Puckered Penguins’


Oceanographic Development Squadron - VXN

VXN-8 Oceanographic Development Squadron 8 ‘Blue Eagles’


Scientific Development Squadron - VXS

VXS-1 Scientific Development Squadron 1 ‘Warlocks’


US Navy / fixed wing aircraft

US Navy / helicopters


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