Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron 35 (TACELRON 35)

VAQ-35 ‘Gray Wolves’


vaq-35 gray wolves crest insignia patch badge tactical electronic warfare squadron tacelron us navy

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established as VAQ-35 on August 14, 1991

VAQ-35 disestablished on October 7, 1993


Grumman EA-6B Prowler (1991-93)




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VAQ-35, nicknamed the Greywolves, was a short-lived Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron of the U.S. Navy. The squadron was officially established by the CNO on 14 August 1991, but had actually been operating since June. Most of its equipment and personnel came from the VAQ-142 Grim Watchdogs, a fleet EA-6B Prowler squadron which had stood down on 1 April. VAQ-35 joined VAQ-33 and VAQ-34, the other electronic aggressor squadrons of the Fleet Electronic Warfare Support Group in their mission of providing training for fleet radar operators in countering radar jamming and deception. The squadron also assisted with electronic warfare evaluations for R&D, and in developing electronic warfare tactics and countertactics.

When the Navy made a budgetary decision to transfer the electronic aggressor mission to the Navy Reserve, VAQ-35 was destined to have a short life. On 7 October 1993, the squadron was disestablished at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington. In their two years of operation, the Greywolves made over 42 detachments to over 16 locations, including Bermuda, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.


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vaq-35 gray wolves patch insignia crest badge tactical electronic warfare squadron us navy ea-6b prowler



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