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C 802†† HNLMS De Zeven Provincien



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c 802 hnlms de zeven provincien class cruiser royal netherlands navy koninklijke marine

Type, Class:


Cruiser; De Zeven Provincien - class



Rotterdamse Droogdok Maatschappij (RDM), Rotterdam Ė

(Rotterdam Drydock & Shipbuilding, Rotterdam, The Netherlands)



Laid down: May 19, 1939

Launched: August 22, 1950

Commissioned: December 17, 1953

Decommissioned: October 17, 1975

Fate: transferred to Peru in 1976; renamed BAP Aguirre (C 84) - decommissioned in 1999;




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Technical Data:

(Measures, Propulsion,

Armament, Aviation, etc.)


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c 802 hnlms de zeven provincien cruiser royal netherlands navy amsterdam

Amsterdam - 1958


c 802 hnlms de zeven provincien cruiser 1958

Amsterdam - 1958




Information & History

The name De Zeven ProvinciŽn refers to the Seven Provinces which formed the Dutch Republic in 1581.


HNLMS De Zeven ProvinciŽn (C 802):


Construction started in 1939 as the HNLMS Kijkduin, but was interrupted by World War II. She was renamed to HNLMS Eendracht in 1940 and HNLMS De Ruyter in 1945. Her sister ship was launched in 1944 as the HNLMS De Zeven ProvinciŽn, but the ships swapped to their final names in 1950. She was completed in 1953 and served the Royal Netherlands Navy from 1950 to 1977.From May 3, 1962 until August 3, 1964 she was convertedto a guided missile cruiser. The rear tower got replaced with a RIM-2 Terrier SAM system.


The De Zeven ProvinciŽn was sold to Peru and renamed BAP Aguirre in 1976, its RIM-2 Terrier SAM was removed and replaced by an hangar and a flight deck for ASH-3D Sea King helicopters. She was finally decommissioned in 1999.




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