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Surface Vessel Weapon System
Nexter Narwhal 20 Naval Weapon Station - NWS
NAval Remote Weapon, Highly Accurate, Lightweight (Arme télé-opérée navale de haute précision légère)

nexter narwhal 20 mm naval weapon station nws remote controlled stabilized navy french marine 02
The Nexter NARWHAL 20 is a fully stabilized remote-controlled naval weapon station (NWS) based on the M621 and M693 guns.

The name Narwhal is an acronym for NAval Remote Weapon, Highly Accurate, Lightweight.
It is intended to be installed on all types of ships (patrol boats, frigates, aircraft carriers, etc.) in particular to ensure close defense.

Nexter offers the Narwhal in two variants:
Narwhal 20A, based on the Nexter M621 gun, using 20×102mm shells
Narwhal 20B, based on the Nexter M693 gun, using 20×139mm shells, which is the version used by the French Navy

The turret is equipped with electro-optical cameras capable of operating both day and night, as well as a tracking system for moving targets. Its electric motor allows it to move 360° in bearing, and from +75° to -20° in elevation. This characteristic, coupled with its very high speed of movement, allows the gun to be not only stabilized against rolling and pitching, but also to be particularly suitable for close combat situations.

The French Navy uses the Narwhal on many vessels, from the largest ships for which it is secondary armament, to lighter units for which it is the main weapon system.


Charles de Gaulle Aircraft Carrier
Forbin/HORIZON class Air Defense Destroyer
Aquitaine/FREMM class Frigate
Mistral class Amphibious Assault & Command Ship
future Amiral Ronarc’h class Frigate - FDI
La Confiance class OPV
future Patrouilleur Outre-mer (POM) - Offshore Patrol Vessel

Egyptian Navy
Albanian Coast Guard
Royal Saudi Navy
Gabonese Navy
Republic of Senegal Navy

Technical Data:
Mass: 390 kg
Caliber: 20 x 139mm
Action: Gas unlocked, delayed blowback
Elevation: -20° to +75°
Azimuth: 360°
Rate of fire:
800 rounds/min

Muzzle velocity: 1050 m/s (3400 ft/s)
Effective range: 1500 m (4900 ft)
Operators: 1
Manufacturer: Nexter S.A., France

nexter narwhal 20 mm naval weapon station nws remote controlled stabilized navy french marine 03
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