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Surface Vessel Weapon System
B515 (ILAS-3) Torpedo Tubes
324mm (12.75") surface vessel torpedo tubes (SVTT)

b515 ilas-3 torpedo tubes surface vessel triple wass eurotorp

The B515 / ILAS-3 (international designation) trainable surface vessel torpedo tubes (SVTT) is a torpedo launching system, very similar to the Mk-32 SVTT. 1, 2 or 3 tubes can be mounted on a ship’s deck or internally.

The B515 is an upgraded version of the former ILAS-3 variant.

Manufacturer: WASS - Whitehead Alenia Sistemi Subacquei, Livorno, Italy (part of Finmeccanica / partner of EuroTorp)
Diameter: 324mm (12,75”)
Length: 3,40 meters

MU90/Impact LWT
A244/S LWT
Mk-46 Torpedo


b-515 ilas-3 triple torpedo tubes italian navy
ILAS-3 triple torpedo tubes aboard the Argentine Destroyer ARA Sarandi (D-13)

b-515 ilas-3 torpedo tubes svtt
ILAS-3 triple torpedo tubes aboard the Argentine Corvette ARA Parker (P-44)

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