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Surface Vessel Weapon System
A244/S Torpedo
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The A244/S is an Italian lightweight, fire-and-forget torpedo employed for anti-submarine warfare. It can be launched from surface vessels or from aircraft, and locates the target by means of an acoustic seeker.

The torpedo uses a CIACIO-S seeker, consisting of an acoustic homing head containing the transducer assembly, transmitter and related Beamforming circuits, and a frame housing all the remaining electronic components. The homing head is capable of active, passive or mixed modes for closing onto its target. It can also discriminate between decoys and real targets in the presence of heavy reverberations by specially emitted pulses and signal processing.

The latest version is the A244/S Mod.3 torpedo.

General characteristics:
Primary Function: air and ship-launched lightweight torpedo
Manufacturer: EuroTorp
Propulsion: electric drive / battery
Length: 2,75 meters (9 feet)
Weight: 254 kg
Diameter: 12.75 in (324 mm)
Range: 13500 meters (low speed) / 10000 m (high speed)
Speed: 28 to 36 knots (52 - 67 km/h)
Guidance System: acoustic homing head
Warhead: high explosive STANAG 4439 and MURAT-2 compilant
In service: 1982-

Algerian National Navy - 25 ordered in 2011
Argentine Navy - 540
Bangladesh Navy
People's Liberation Army Navy - 50 (ET52 torpedo)
Chilean Navy - 781
Ecuadorian Navy - 72
Hellenic Navy - 24
Indian Navy - 450 (NST58 torpedo, another derivative)
Islamic Republic of Iran Navy - 12
Libyan Navy - 12
Royal Malaysian Navy - 90
Nigerian Navy - 18
Pakistan Navy - 12
Peruvian Navy - 72
Polish Navy - 6 (for familiarization before delivery of MU-90)
Republic of Singapore Navy - 250 Mod.1; 100 Mod.3
Swedish Navy - 80
Republic of China Navy - 120
Turkish Naval Forces - 50
Ukrainian Navy - ordered in 2010 for Project-58250 frigates
United Arab Emirates Navy - 50 Mod.1 ordered April 1997; 24 + 25 ordered in 2005
Bolivarian Armada of Venezuela - 150

source: wikipedia

EuroTorp is a consortium formed in July 1993 by French and Italian defense companies. Concerned governments signed a memorandum of understanding on industrial co-operation on their new generation lightweight torpedo programs.

Member companies of EuroTorp are:
Whitehead Alenia Sistemi Subacquei S.p.A (WASS) (now Leonardo) (50%)
Naval Group (former DCNS Group), for and on behalf of DCNS (26%) through DCN/SC/Stz
Thales (24%) through Thales Underwater Systems

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