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Republic of Singapore Navy
Endurance class Amphibious Transport Dock
endurance class amphibious transport dock singapore navy rss resolution persistence endeavour
Endurance (2000)
Resolution (2000)
RSS Persistence
RSS Endeavour
Builder: Singapore Technologies Engineering (Marine), Singapore
141 meters (462 feet 7 inches)
Beam: 21 meters (68 ft 11 in)
Draft: 5 meters (16 ft 5 in)
Displacement: 6500 tons (standard) / 8500 tons (full)
Speed: 15+ knots (28+ km/h)
Range: 5000 NM (9300 km)
Complement: 81

Combined Diesel and Diesel (CODAD)
2 x
Ruston 16RK 270 diesel engines (7400 hp / 5500 KW each)
2 shafts,
2 Kamewa controllable-pitch propellers

2 x
Simbad twin launcher for MBDA Mistral SAM missiles
1 x Oto-Melara/OtoBreda 76/62 Super Rapid DP gun (3"/76mm)
2 x
Rafael ADS 25mm Typhoon machine gun system
4 x
CIS50MG 12,7mm/caliber .50 heavy machine guns
Aviation: flight deck and enclosed hangar for up to 2 helicopters

Boats and Landing Craft:
4 x 13m Fast Craft Equipment & Utility (FCEU) on davits
2 x 25m Fast Craft Utility (FCU) inside well deck

Capacity: 18 tanks, 20 vehicles and bulk cargo
Troops: 350-500

Electronic warfare & decoys:
Rafael RAN 1101 jammer
2 x GEC Marconi Marine Shield III 102mm sextuple caff/decoy launchers

Search Radar:
Weapon Control:
CS Defense NAJIR 2000 electro-optronic director
Navigation Radar:
Kelvin Hughes 1007
The Navy's intention to purchase the Endurance class was revealed by former Defence Minister Dr. Tony Tan during his visit to Tuas Naval Base on 3 August 1996. These ships were to replace the five ex-US Navy County-class LSTs, which were acquired by Singapore from the United States in the 1970s. ST Marine was awarded the government contract to design and build the four ships - a significant milestone for the local defence and shipbuilding industries given the scale and extensiveness of the programme.

Construction of Endurance began in early 1997, with the keel laid down at ST Marine's Benoi yard on 27 March 1997.

The Endurance class is 40% larger than the previous County class that she replaced yet travels almost twice as fast. Each ship is fitted with a well dock which can accommodate four landing craft, as well as a flight deck which can accommodate two medium lift helicopters.

While the RSN describes the Endurance class as LSTs, they lack the beaching capability traditionally associated with LSTs and their well docks and flight decks qualify the Endurance class more as amphibious transport docks. The term "multipurpose support vessel" is closer to the intent of its use, given the necessary limited objectives of the RSN as a small naval force operating primarily in littoral waters.

The Endurance class was built with a heavy emphasis on automation. Endurance became the first ship in the world to use official electronic navigational charts with the Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) to circumnavigate the world. The integrated bridge system allows the operator to access the navigation and communications systems, the ECDIS and other vital systems needed to sail the ship effectively, while the Ship Control, Monitoring and Management System controls, monitors and manages most of the platforms on board. The ships are also equipped with an Aircraft Ship Integrated Secure and Traverse (ASIST) system which helps in landing, securing, manoeuvring and traversing a helicopter, and eliminates the need for deck personnel to secure helicopters upon landing. All these result in a high degree of automation, with a reduced manning requirement of 65 crew members for a 6,500-tonne ship.

207 RSS Endurance: launched - March 14, 1998 / commissioned - March 18, 2000
208 RSS Resolution: launched - August 1, 1998 / commissioned - March 18, 2000
209 RSS Persistence: launched - March 13, 1999 / commissioned - April 7, 2001
210 RSS Endeavour: launched - February 12, 2000 / commissioned - April 7, 2001

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208 RSS Resolution

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