Royal Netherlands Navy / Koninklijke Marine



Holland class Destroyer


HNLMS Noord Brabant D 810




in service




D 808 HNLMS Holland


Rotterdam Dockyard

sold to Peru in 1982


D 809 HNLMS Zeeland


Royal Schelde, Vlissingen

decommissioned in 1979


D 810 HNLMS Noord Brabant


Royal Schelde, Vlissingen

decommissioned in 1974


D 811 HNLMS Gelderland


Wilton Fijenoord, Schiedam

decommissioned in 1973



General Information:

The Holland class destroyers were built for the Royal Netherlands Navy in the 1950s. They were the first major ships designed and built by the Dutch after World War 2. In contrast to previous Dutch Navy practice the ships were named after provinces rather than Admirals.


These ships were unusual as they were the first destroyers built without large calibre anti ship torpedoes. The machinery was ordered before the war for the Gerard Callenburgh class destroyers and hidden during the German occupation. The main armament was supplied by Bofors.


Technical characteristics (as built):

Length: 113,10 meters

Beam: 11,40 meters

Draft: 5,10 meters

Displacement: 2600 tons (full load)

Propulsion: 2 geared turbines (45000 shp);

2 boilers;

2 shafts; 2 propellers;

Speed: 30+ knots

Crew: approx. 250

Aviation/Hangar: none;


Armament (as built):

4 120mm/50 GP Bofors guns (2 x 2);

1 40mm Bofors AA gun;

2 quad 357mm anti-submarine-mortars;

2 depth charge racks;



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