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Surcouf (Type T47) class Destroyer


surcouf type t47 class destroyer french navy marine nationale kersaint cassard bouvet dupetit thouars chevalier paul maille breze vauquelin d'estrees du chayla casabianca guepratte









D 621 FS Surcouf

October 1953

November 1, 1955

June 6, 1971

sunk as a target in 1972

D 622 FS Kersaint

October 1953

March 20, 1956

May 23, 1985

sunk as a target in 1986

D 623 FS Cassard

May 1953

April 14, 1956

October 1, 1974

scrapped in Spain in 1989

D 624 FS Bouvet

October 1953

May 13, 1956

January 1, 1982

scrapped in Belgium in 2012

D 625 FS Dupetit-Thouars

February 1954

September 15, 1956

April 1988

breakwater at Lanveoc

D 626 FS Chevalier Paul

July 1953

December 22, 1956

June 1971

sunk as a target in 1987

D 627 FS Maille-Breze

July 2, 1955

May 4, 1957

April 1, 1988

museum ship at Nantes

D 628 FS Vauquelin

September 26, 1954

November 3, 1956

November 6, 1986

sunk as a target in 2004

D 629 FS D’Estrees

November 27, 1954

June 4, 1957

July 3, 1985

sunk as a target in 2001

D 630 FS Du Chayla

February 27, 1954

June 4, 1957

November 15, 1991

scuttled off Brittany

D 631 FS Casabianca

November 13, 1954

May 4, 1957

September 7, 1984

scrapped in France in 1987

D 632 FS Guepratte

November 8, 1954

June 6, 1957

August 5, 1985

sunk as a target in 1994




128,6 meters


12,7 meters


5,4 meters


2794 tons (standard) / 3800 tons (full load)


34 knots (63 km/h) max.


5000 NM (9300 km) at 18 knots (33 km/h)






2 steam turbines / 4 boilers (63000 shp)

2 shafts / 2 propellers


as built:

6 x 127 mm (5 inches) guns (3x twin)

6 x 57 mm guns (3x twin)

4 x 20 mm guns

12 x 550 mm torpedo tubes (4x triple)


after modernisation: see below



D 621, D 622, D 624, D 627, D 628 = Arsenal de Lorient, Brittany, France

D 623, D 631 = Ateliers et Chantiers de Bretagne, Nantes, France

D 625, D 629, D 630 = Arsenal de Brest, Brittany, France

D 626, D 632 = Forges et Chantiers de la Gironde, France


The T 47 class or Surcouf class were the first destroyers built for the French Navy after the Second World War. Twelve ships were built between 1955 and 1957. The ships were modernised in the 1960s and decommissioned in the 1980s, when they were replaced by the Georges Leygues-class frigates.

These ships were larger than other contemporary European destroyers and were based on the wartime Hardi class, but were enlarged and had a dual purpose armament. The ships were designed as Squadron escorts (Escorteur d'escadre) rather than for independent operations, therefore they had a slower speed than their predecessors. The main guns were the French designed Model 1948 127mm (5 inches / 54 caliber) gun, which enabled them to use the same 5-inch shells as the U.S. Mark 18 gun. The secondary armament was composed of 57mm/60 modèle 1951 guns.

During the 1960s the entire class were modernised and modified as either

flotilla flagships,

anti-aircraft (AAW) guided missile destroyers or

anti-submarine (ASW) destroyers.

Three ships - Surcouf, Cassard, and Chevalier Paul - were converted into flotilla flagships (conducteurs de flottilles) between 1960 and 1962. One 57 mm gun turret, two triple torpedo launchers and two 20 mm guns were removed in order to enlarge the superstructure to accommodate an admiral, his staff, and additional communications equipment.

AAW modernisation:
Four ships - Bouvet, Kersaint, Dupetit-Touhars and Du Chayla - were modernised as anti-aircraft guided missile destroyers in 1962-1965.

1 x Mk-13 single-arm missile launcher for RIM-24 Tartar SAM
6 x 57 mm guns (3 twin turrets)
1 x Model 1972 sextuple 375 mm anti-submarine mortar
Crew: reduced to 277

ASW modernisation:
Five ships - D'Estrées, Maillé-Brézé, Vauquelin, Casabianca and Guépratte - were modernised as anti-submarine destroyers in 1968-1970.

2 x 100 mm guns
1 x anti-submarine mortar
1 x Malafon anti-submarine missile launcher
2 x 20 mm guns


source: wikipedia




D 621 FS Surcouf:

Robert Surcouf (December 12, 1773 - July 8, 1827) was a French privateer and slave trader. who operated in the Indian Ocean between 1789 and 1801, and again from 1807 to 1808, capturing over 40 prizes, while amassing a large fortune as a ship-owner, both from privateering and from commerce.


D 622 FS Kersaint:

Armand-Guy-Simon de Coetnempren, comte de Kersaint, in short Armand de Kersaint (July 29, 1742 in Paris - December 4, 1793 in Paris/executed), was a French sailor and politician. A Girondin, Kersaint held important naval posts during the early stages of the French Revolution. His brother, Guy-Pierre (1747–1822), also served in the navy and took part in the American War of Independence.


D 623 FS Cassard:

Jacques Cassard (September 30, 1679 in Nantes - 1740 in Ham) was a French naval officer and privateer.


D 624 FS Bouvet:

Jean Baptiste Charles Bouvet de Lozier (January 14, 1705 - 1786) was a French sailor, explorer, and governor of the Mascarene Islands.


D 625 FS Toupetit-Thouars:

Aristide Aubert Du Petit Thouars (August 31, 1760 in Boumais - August 2, 1798 in Abukir) often written Dupetit-Thouars) was a French naval officer, and a hero of the Battle of Abukir, where he died.


D 626 FS Chevalier Paul:

Jean-Paul de Saumeur (1598, off Marseille - December 20, 1667 in Toulon), often called Chevalier Paul was a French admiral who served in several Mediterranean campaigns.


D 627 FS Maille-Breze:

Jean Armand de Maillé-Brézé, Duke of Fronsac, Marquis of Brézé (October 18, 1619 in Milly-le-Meugnon - June 14, 1646 Battle of Orbetello) was a French admiral.


D 628 FS Vauquelin:

Moise Vauquelin or Moses Vanclein (active 1650-1670) was a 17th-century French buccaneer. During his four-year career as a privateer, he served as an officer under l'Ollonais and formed a brief partnership with Pierre Le Picard. He and Philippe Bequel later co-wrote a book detailing their explorations of the Honduran and Yucatán coastline.


D 629 FS D’Estrees:

Jean II d'Estrées, (November 3, 1624 in Solothurn, Switzerland - May 19, 1707 in Paris), was a Marshal of France, and an important naval commander of Louis XIV. He was born to a noble family from Picardie. His aunt was Gabrielle d'Estrées, lover of King Henry IV of France.
Victor Marie d'Estrées, Duke of Estrées count then duke (1723) d'Estrées (November 30, 1660 in Paris - December 27, 1737 in Paris) was a Marshal of France.


D 630 FS Du Chayla:

Count Armand Blanquet du Chayla (May 9, 1759 in Marvejols - April 29, 1826 in Versailles) was an officer in the French Navy, most famous as second in command of the French fleet during its defeat at the Battle of the Nile.


D 631 FS Casabianca:

Luc-Julien-Joseph Casabianca (February 7, 1762 in Vescovato, Haute-Corse - August 1, 1798 in Abukir) was a French Navy officer.


D 632 FS Guepratte:

Émile Paul Aimable Guépratte (August 30, 1856 in Granville - November 21, 1939 in Brest) was a French admiral.




surcouf type t47 class destroyer french navy marine nationale

T47 as built


type t47 class surcouf destroyer french navy marine nationale aaw modification

T47 after AAW modification


surcouf class type t47 destroyer french navy asw modification

T47 after ASW modification



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