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Surface Vessel Weapon System
Oto-Melara / OtoBreda 40L70 DARDO
twin 40mm close-in weapon system (compact or 'fast forty')
oto melara breda 40l70 dardo close in weapon system ciws fast forty

The Oto-Melara/Otobreda twin 40L70 compact / fast forty gun system is a high performance anti-missile, anti-aircraft and ship-to-ship weapon system.

DARDO is installed in an enclosed turret with two different mounts:
- Type A with 440-round internal and 292-round under-deck magazines
- Type B with only the 440-round internal magazine (Type B requires no deck penetration).
The mount can be upgraded with the installation of the “fast-forty” recoiling mass.

The 'Fast Forty' is an improved version of the system with a higher rate of fire, dual magazine and dual feed mechanism to allow switching from hight-explosive (HE) to armour-piercing fin-stabilized discarding sabot (APFSDS) rounds when a missile gets within 1,000 meters from the vessel.

Technical data:
Caliber: 40 mm
Barrel: 2 x Breda built Bofors 40mm/L70
Weight, Type A: without ammunition: 5600 kg / with ammunition: 7400 kg
Weight, Type B: without ammunition: 5400 kg / with ammunition: 6500 kg
Ammunition capacity, Type A: 736 round magazine
Ammunition capacity, Type B: 444 round magazine
Elevation: - 13° to + 85°
Traverse: 360°
Rate of fire: 600 rounds per minute (compact) / 900 rounds (fast forty)
Range: 4000 meters effective / 12500 meters maximal, horizontal / 8700 meters maximal, height

Used on:
Italian Navy and more than 20 international Navy ships


oto melara breda 40l70 dardo ciws

oto melara breda 40l70 dardo ciws gun fast forty lupo maestrale class frigate

oto melara breda 40l70 dardo close in weapon system ciws

oto melara breda 40l70 dardo twin gun

oto melara 40l70 dardo italian navy

oto melara breda 40l70 dardo ciws gun maestrale class frigate

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