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Surface Vessel Weapon System
OtoBreda 127/64 LW gun
127mm (5") / 64-caliber lightweight dual-purpose automatic naval gun system
oto breda melara 127/64LW 127mm 5" 64 caliber lightweight gun 02

The upcoming Oto-Melara (now OtoBreda) 127/64 Lightweight (LW) naval gun is a rapid fire gun mount suitable for installation on large and medium size ships, intended for surface fire and naval gunfire support as main role and anti-aircraft fire as secondary role. The compactness of the gun feeding system makes possible the installation on narrow section crafts.

The gun can fire all standard 5 inch (127mm) ammunition including the new Vulcano long range guided ammunition.

Modular automatic feeding magazines allow the firing of up to four different and immediately selectable types of ammunition; the magazines (four drums, each with one shell ready to fire) can be reloaded while the mount is in operation.

An ammunition manipulator system is available to transport projectiles and propelling charges from the main ammunition store to the feeding magazines, which are automatically reloaded. Ammunition flow is reversible. Rounds can be automatically unloaded from the gun. Digital and Analog interfaces are available for any Combat Management System, also according to Corba protocol. The 127/64 LW Naval Gun Mounts includes a Vulcano module, which acts twofold:

- Programmer for ammunition's fuse and guidance system.
- Mission Planning and Execution for Naval Fire Support Action (firing solutions, selection of ammunition, definition of trajectories and firing sequences, ballistic computations accounting for ammunition type, etc.), as a standalone or in interaction with ship's Network Centric System.

Technical data:
Caliber: 5 inches / 127 mm
Barrel lenght: 320 inches / 8,128 meters (= 64 caliber)
Weight: 33000 kg (without ammunition)
Elevation: -12° / +70°
Traverse: +/- 155°
Rate of fire: 32 rounds per minute
Range: 23000 meters, max. / 15000 meters effective / 8600 meters AA / up to 100 km with Vulcano ER/LR ammunition
Ammunition stowage: 56 rounds ready to fire in 4 loader drums / 500-600 in magazine
Ammunition: all standard 5-inch ammunition including the new Vulcano extended range / long range guided ammunition

Bergamini/FREMM class Frigate (Italian Navy)
F125 class Frigate (German Navy)
Shivalik class Frigate (Indian Navy)
Delhi class Destroyer (Indian Navy)
MEKO A200 class Frigate (Algerian Navy)


oto melara breda 127/64lw lightweight naval gun 03

oto melara breda 127/64lw lightweight naval gun 04
OtoBreda 127/64 lightweight gun aboard a Soldati/Artigliere class Frigate

oto melara breda 127/64lw 127mm 5-inch 64-caliber gun lightweight finmeccanica leonardo 05
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