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Surface Vessel Weapon System
Mk-38 Machine Gun System (MGS)
mk-38 machine gun system mgs model 1 2 manually remote controlled

The Mk-38 was first employed aboard combatant and auxiliary ships conducting Mid-East Force escort operations and during Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Mk-38 Mod.1s are maintained in a rotatable pool for temporary installation aboard deployed ships. Following the October 2000 attack on USS COLE (DDG 67), Task Force Hip Pocket identified an improved Mk-38 MGS as a means to increase shipboard self defense against small boat threats. In 2003, the Chief of Naval Operations documented the requirement and directed the development and fielding of the Mk-38 Mod 2. Installed aboard CG , DDG, FFG , LSD , LPD, LHD, LHA, LCC the Mk-38 Mod.2 MGS is a low cost, stabilized self defense weapon system that dramatically improves shipboard self defense.

Contractor Mod 1:
Designed and assembled by Crane Division, Naval Surface Warfare Center; components procured from various contractors.
Date Deployed: 1986

Contractor Mod 2:
BAE Systems Minneapolis, Minnesota; Rafael, Haifa, Israel.
Date Deployed: 2005
150 systems installed as of Sept. 2010

Guidance System Mod 1: unstabilized, manually trained and elevated.
Guidance System Mod 2: stabilized, remote control with electro-optic fire control system and auto-tracking capability.
> the Mk-38 / Mod. 2 can also be used manually

Technical data:
single barrel
Caliber: 25 mm (1 inch) M242 gun
Rate of fire: 5 rates; from single shot up to 180 rpm max.
Range: effective range is 2000 yards (1830 meters)
Weight (Mod.2): 1042 kg (2300 lbs) without ammo.
Train: +/- 15° to +/- 165°, adjustable
Elevation: -20° to +40°
Ammunition capacity: 200 ready rounds / dual feed

used on:
- most US Navy surface combatants
- various international Navy’s ships


Mk-38/Mod. 2 stabilized, remote-controlled Machine Gun System (MGS)
mk-38 mod.2 machine gun system mgs 25mm

mk-38 machine gun

mk-38 machine gun 25mm

mk-38 gun

mk-38 model 2 machine gun 25 mm

Mk-38/Mod.2 stabilized, remote-controlled Machine Gun System (MGS) on a platform above the former Mk-13 launcher aboard a Perry class FFG

Mk-38 / Mod.2 in manual use
mk-38 mod. 2 machine gun sytem manual use

Mk-38 / Mod. 1 machine gun system / manually operated
mk-38 mod. 1 machine gun system mgs 25mm

Control Panel for Mk-38 / Mod. 2 machine gun system
mk-38 mod. 2 machine gun system control panel station

25mm ammunition for Mk-38 machine gun systems
mk-38 machine gun system 25 mm ammunition

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