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US Navy - Attack Submarine

SSN 709 - USS Hyman G. Rickover


 ssn-709 uss hyman g. rickover insignia crest patch badge los angeles class attack submarine us navy

ssn-709 uss hyman g. rickover los angeles class attack submarine us navy general dynamics electric boat groton


Type, class: Attack Submarine, nuclear propulsion - SSN; Los Angeles class (Flight I)

Builder: General Dynamics Electric Boat, Groton, Connecticut, USA



Awarded: December 10, 1973

Laid down: July 24, 1981

Launched: August 27, 1983

Commissioned: July 21, 1984

Decommissioned: December 14, 2006

Fate: submarine recycling


Homeport: -

Namesake: Admiral Hyman G. Rickover (1900-1986)


Technical Data: see: INFO > Los Angeles class Attack Submarine - SSN



ssn-709 uss hyman g. rickover norfolk virginia
Norfolk, Virginia - October 2006

Norfolk, Virginia - October 2006

ssn-709 uss hyman g. rickover port everglades florida
Port Everglades, Florida - 1993

Port Everglades, Florida - 1993

uss hyman g. rickover ssn-709 dry dock
December 1989

December 1989


ssn-709 uss hyman g. rickover commissioning ceremony july 1984
commissioning ceremony - July 1984

commissioning ceremony - July 1984

commissioning ceremony - July 1984


Hyman G. Rickover (January 27, 1900 - July 8, 1986):

Vice Admiral Hyman G. Rickover's naval career began in 1918 when he entered the United States Naval Academy. After graduating from the Naval Academy in 1922, he served in La Vallette (DD-315) and battleship Nevada (BB-36) until returning to Annapolis for instruction in electrical engineering at the U.S. Navy Postgraduate School. He continued instruction at graduate school in New York City, where he received the degree of Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University in 1929.

After submarine training at the Submarine Base, Groton, Conn., Rickover served in submarines S-9 and S-48 until July 1933 when he transferred to the Office of the Inspector of Naval Material in Philadephia. Sea duty in battleship New Mexico (BB-40) followed and, when detached from the battleship in mid-1937, Rickover briefly assumed command of minesweeper Finch (AM-9) on the Asiatic Station. Later that year he was selected for engineering duty and served at the Navy Yard, Cavite, in the Philippines for the next two years. In June 1939, he was assigned to the Bureau of Ships, Navy Department, Washington, DC, where he served as Head of the Electrical Section following the outbreak of World War II.

After several years directing the Navy's procurement and allocation of electrical equipment for the vast shipbuilding and maintenance program during the global war, Rickover commanded the Naval Repair Base, Okinawa, in mid-1945 in preparation for the impending invasion of the Japanese home Islands. Following the armistice he served as Inspector General of the U.S. Nineteenth Fleet, then engaged in the deactivation and "mothballing" warships of the Pacific Fleet.

In June 1946, Rickover started a sixth-month tour with the Manhattan Project at Oak Ridge, Tennessee, where he served as Assistant Director of the Operations. In 1947 he was assigned to duty in connection with nuclear ship propulsion in the Bureau of Ships and from there served as Chief of the Naval Reactors Branch, Division of Reactor Development, U.S. Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) in Washington, D.C., until March 1949 when he served as Director of the Nuclear Power Division of the Bureau of Ships.

During these assignments, Rickover led the development of the land-based prototype of a mobile nuclear reactor at the AEC’s National Rector Testing Station near Idaho Falls, Idaho, a project that culminated in the first nuclear powered warship Nautilus (SSN-571), which was launched on 21 January 1954. Rickover went on to champion the development of the nuclear navy through several generations of nuclear-powered submarines and surface ships before retiring from active duty in 1982.

In addition to his contributions to the development of the nuclear navy, Rickover also led the scientific, technical and industrial team that developed and constructed the first nuclear powered electric utility central station in the United States at Shippingport, Pennsylvania. First authorized in July 1953, the station achieved initial criticality on 2 December 1957.

Admiral Rickover’s value to the nation is perhaps best exemplified by the fact that he served, by act of Congress, on active duty for 20 years beyond the mandatory retirement age of 62. When he retired on 19 January 1982, he had served for 64 years; longer than any other person.

admiral hyman g. rickover us navy ssn   admiral hyman g. rickover us navy ssn-709

hyman g. rickover lyndon johnson president
with President Lyndon B. Johnson

hyman g. rickover jimmy carter 1977
with President James E. 'Jimmy' Carter



vadm hyman g. rickover commissioning of ssn-709 1984
retired VADM Hyman G. Rickover and Mrs. Rickover at the commissioning of SSN 709 - July 1984


USS Hyman G. Rickover (SSN 709):

Chronology and Significant Events:

21 Jul 1984: Commissioned, Submarine Base, New London, Connecticut.

Jul - Dec 1984: Following shakedown, Hyman G. Rickover conducted Weapons System Accuracy Tests from 6 through 20 August. During this time the new submarine made port calls in Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico (10-15 August) and Fredricksted St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands (17-20 August). She then conducted MK48 Torpedo Firing Certification 30 October through 2 November prior to visiting Port Canaveral, Florida (3-7 November). Hyman G. Rickover successfully completed her first Operational Reactor Safeguards Evaluation (ORSE) on 11-12 December. The warship then remained inport at Submarine Base New London for the remainder of the year.

Jan - Apr 1985: In port, Electric Boat Shipyard at Groton, Connecticut, for post shakedown availability.

Apr - Sep 1985: Following Sea Trials and local operations Hyman G. Rickover became a unit of Submarine Squadron 8 on May 3. From May through June the ship completed weapons and systems accuracy testing and port visits to Port Everglades, Florida (31 May - 1 Jun), Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico (4-10 Jun), and St. Croix, Virgin Islands (11-16 Jun). Hyman G. Rickover conducted pre-overseas movement (POM) workup in July culminating in her first Tactical Readiness Evaluation (TRE) and a MK48 torpedo proficiency firing.

25 October 1985: Underway from Naval Station Norfolk, Virginia for first Mediterranean Sea deployment.

Nov - Dec 1985: Transited the Atlantic Ocean and began Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) operations in the Mediterranean Sea. Hyman G. Rickover made port calls in Naples, Italy (13-17 Dec) and La Maddalena, Italy (19-31 Dec). For her performance during November and December, the ship received the prestigious ComSixthFlt “Hook 'Em” award for ASW excellence.

Jan - Mar 1986: Continued ASW operations in the Mediterranean Sea. Hyman G. Rickover conducted another Operational Reactor Safeguards Examination (ORSE) scoring an above average. Following the ORSE, Hyman G. Rickover put alongside the submarine tender Proteus (AS-19) in La Maddelena, Italy for an upkeep and port call (7-25 Feb). The submarine then visited Toulon, France (8-11 Mar) prior to transiting the Atlantic on her way home.

21 Mar 1986: Returned to homeport Norfolk.

Apr - May 1986: Following post deployment stand down and a short upkeep period Hyman G. Rickover returned to sea on 5 May for exercises with Norfolk (SSN-714) and Prospective Commanding Officer (PCO) Operations with Phoenix (SSN-702) and destroyer Caron (DD-970). Hyman G. Rickover operated at the Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center (AUTEC) for the duration of the PCO Operations after which she enjoyed port calls at Port Canaveral (19-21 May) and Port Everglades, Florida (28-30 May).

Jun 1986: Hyman G. Rickover spent the month training Naval Academy and Reserve Midshipmen and enjoyed a port call in Charleston, South Carolina (3 Jun).

27 Jun 1986: The warship conducted a dependents cruise for eighty-seven family members and friends.

Jul 1986: Hyman G. Rickover successfully completed certifications to handle nuclear weapons during its technical assistance visit. The warship then went on to successfully complete its TRE, Torpedo Proficiency Certification and MK 48 Torpedo Service Weapons tests.

Aug 1986: Hyman G. Rickover conducted midshipmen training for over 100 future officers during a cruise north to New London (7 and 13 Aug) and Halifax, Nova Scotia (10-12 Aug).

Sep 1986: Spent the month alongside the submarine tender Emory S. Land (AS-39) preparing for the ship’s second deployment.

17 Oct 1986: Departed Norfolk for a two month extended ASW operation. The operation concluded with a port visit to Faslane, Scotland (24-28 Nov).

11 Dec 1986: Returned to port Norfolk. For her performance in 1986, the ship received the Atlantic Fleet Golden Anchor Award and Submarine Squadron Eight’s ASW White “A” and Engineering Red “E” awards and was Submarine Squadron Eights Best Mess/NEY Award nominee for the second consecutive year.

05 Jan 1987: Underway to support operations with attack submarines Atlanta (SSN-712) and Jacksonville (SSN-699). Following local operations Hyman G. Rickover completed her ORSE scoring an excellent.

25 Jan 1987: Hyman G. Rickover commenced a Selected Restricted Availability (SRA) and repair period at Norfolk that included dry docking in Resolute (AFDM-10).

04 May 1987: Underway for Fleet Exercise (FleetEx) 2-87 along with John L. Hall (FFG-32), Wainwright (CG-28), Patrol Wing (PatWing) Eleven and to act as an aggressor submarine against Saratoga (CV-60).

May - Jul 1987: Following the exercise, Hyman G. Rickover spent the majority of the summer conducting local operations. She provided Advanced Capability (ADCAP) torpedo target services for Boston (SSN-703) and conducted Tomahawk cruise missile testing off Puerto Rico. The submarine also twice proceeded to the Gulf of Mexico for weapon shots at Eglin AFB and Port Everglades. Hyman G. Rickover then participated in FleetEx 3-87 as an aggressor submarine against battleship Iowa (BB-61). Following FleetEx 3-87, Hyman G. Rickover proceeded to AUTEC for midshipmen training operations, torpedo proficiency certification and further ADCAP target services.

02 Aug 1987: Hyman G. Rickover conducted a dependents cruise for 78 family members and friends of the crew including the ship’s sponsor, Mrs. Eleonore Bednowicz Rickover. The warship spent the remainder of the month in upkeep alongside the submarine tender Hunley (AS-31).

08 Sep 1987: Hyman G. Rickover sailed to Groton for refresher training, pre-overseas movement certification (POMCERT), and a three day rapid deployment exercise.

14 Oct - 21 Dec 1987: Underway from Norfolk for a 2-month deployment. Following operations Hyman G. Rickover visited Holy Loch, Scotland prior to heading home.

08 Feb 1988: Underway for support operations with PatWing Eleven. Following operations she returned to port for a one month upkeep.

Mar - Apr 1988: Sailed to the Gulf of Maine to provide ADCAP target services for Norfolk (SSN-714). Beginning on 25 Mar, Hyman G. Rickover spent two weeks operating in the Virginia Capes preparing for and completing her ORSE with a grade of above average. Following the ORSE, the submarine participated with the Forrestal (CV-59) Battle Group in FleetEx 1-88 and Exercise Ocean Venture. During this period the boat operated extensively throughout the Caribbean and enjoyed a port visit in St. Croix (22-23 Apr).

May 1988: One month upkeep alongside the submarine tender Hunley (AS-31) at Norfolk.

Jun - Jul 1988: Underway for several operations including target services for Baton Rouge (SSN-689); midshipmen training operations and torpedo target support services for Hammerhead (SSN-663), Ray (SSN-653), Gallery (FFG-26) and various patrol plane and helicopter commands. Hyman G. Rickover also made a port visit to Port Everglades (21-24 Jun) prior to returning to Norfolk for a dependents cruise.

Aug - Sep 1988: Successfully conducted her TRE and Acoustic Sound Trials at AUTEC before returning to Norfolk on 8 Sep for final upkeep prior to deployment.

Sep - Oct 1988: Upkeep alongside the submarine tender Hunley (AS-31).

10 Nov 1988: Sailed to Groton for refresher training and POMCERT.

30 Dec 1988: Departed Norfolk for a five month deployment. PBS filmed life in Hyman G. Rickover for the documentary “Steel Boats, Iron Men.”

Jan - May 1989: Hyman G. Rickover successfully conducted seven special operations and several exercises during her deployment. She also completed three upkeep periods in La Maddalena, Italy (3-9 Feb, 6-13 Mar, and 25 Apr -12 May). The submarine also conducted port visits at Toulon, France (15-20 Mar), Ashdod, Israel (10-14 Apr), and Naples, Italy (19-24 Apr). For her performance on deployment ComSixthFlt awarded the boat the “Hook ‘Em” Award for ASW excellence. Commander Submarine Force Mediterranean lauded the warship’s performance saying “Hyman G. Rickover was the top submarine in the Mediterranean during the period of her deployment,” and “Hyman G. Rickover set the standard by which other submarines in the Mediterranean are being measured.”

17 - 27 May 1989: Hyman G. Rickover departed the Mediterranean and conducted an exercise with the America (CV-66) Battle Group. The ship then completed her ORSE and received an overall grade of above average before returning to Norfolk.

Jun - Jul 1989: Following deployment Hyman G. Rickover spent two weeks in stand down followed by a challenging maintenance period that included replacing the ship’s electrical batteries.

Aug 1989: Hyman G. Rickover spent four weeks at AUTEC for midshipman training operations and TRE workup, completing the latter on 22-23 Aug scoring above average. Following the TRE the boat sailed to St. Croix for a liberty call (29-31 May) and participated in FleetEx 4-89.

Sep - Oct 1989: Following a three week maintenance period Hyman G. Rickover participated in exercises with the Eisenhower (CVE-69) Battle Group and made a port visit to Port Canaveral (7-10 Oct).

Nov - Dec 1989: Hyman G. Rickover spent the rest of the year in SRA.

Jan - Feb 1990: Following the SRA, Hyman G. Rickover spent several weeks training in the Virginia Capes performing POM workup and certification.

21 Mar 1990: Underway from Norfolk for an extended North Atlantic deployment.

Mar - Jun 1990: North Atlantic deployment involved “operations vital to the security of the United States.” Hyman G. Rickover visited several ports during deployment including Holy Loch, Scotland (28-29 May) Portsmouth, England (31 May-7 Jun), and Brest, France (8-12 Jun).

13 Jun 1990: Sailed from France en route to Bermuda to retrieve the ORSE team. Hyman G. Rickover completed the ORSE with a grade of above average.

29 Jun 1990: Return to port Norfolk.

Jul 1990: Following stand down, Hyman G. Rickover completed a demanding five week maintenance period.

Aug 1990: Hyman G. Rickover provided POM workup services for the Kennedy (CV-67) Battle Group followed by a port visit to Port Canaveral (24-27 Aug).

01 - 06 Sep 1990: Hyman G. Rickover sailed to Annapolis, Maryland, for Midshipmen tours and training.

Sep - Nov 1990: Hyman G. Rickover spent several weeks alternating in port and at sea for a Defense Nuclear Surety Inspection that included port calls to Port Canaveral (20-22 Sep) and Port Everglades (25-29 Oct). The boat then participated in PCO operations at AUTEC and the Atlantic Fleet Weapons Training Facility (AFWTF) and visited Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico three times (5-7 Nov, 11-13 Nov and 16 Nov). The ship completed a TRE on 12-15 Nov with a grade of average.

20 Nov 1990: In port Norfolk for a five week POM upkeep period.

Dec 1990 - Jan 1991: POM upkeep followed by POMCERT in the Virginia Capes Operating Areas (VCOAS).

06 Feb 1991: Underway from Norfolk for a North Atlantic deployment.

Feb - May 1991: Hyman G. Rickover had a highly successful deployment and enjoyed port visits in Rosyth, Scotland (10-12 Apr), Rotterdam, Netherlands (15-19), and Lisbon, Portugal (23-26 Apr).

10 May 1991: Return to port Norfolk.

Jun - Jul 1991: After a month of stand down and upkeep, Hyman G. Rickover sailed to provide sea trial support services for the PCU Asheville (SSN-758), and target support services for Atlanta (SSN-712), Minneapolis-Saint Paul (SSN-708), and Baton Rouge (SSN-689) prior to a port call in Port Everglades, FL (18-21 Jun). The ship then returned to Norfolk only to head back out to sea for midshipmen training out of Charleston (19-29 Jul).

Aug 1991: A busy month at sea with support services for Kitty Hawk (CV-63) at AUTEC and additional midshipmen training out of Port Canaveral (9-12 Aug and 16-18 Aug). Hyman G. Rickover held a Tiger Cruise en route to Norfolk (17-20 Aug).

Sep - Dec 1991: Alternated in port upkeep and at sea testing on various systems as part of a pre Depot Modernization Period (DMP).

31 Jan 1992: Hyman G. Rickover entered Dry Dock Two at Norfolk Naval Shipyard for the DMP.

03 - 17 Feb 1992: Hyman G. Rickover performed a Scheduled Preservation Upkeep Coordinated Effort (SPRUCE) prior to beginning the DMP.

01 Mar - 31 Dec 1992: During the availability, the ship received numerous upgrades to the BQQ-5D sonar system, TB-23 towed array, special hull treatment (SHT), radio room and the Electrostatic Suspended Gyro Navigation (ESGN).

06 Feb 1993: Hyman G. Rickover completed the DMP and set to sea for post DMP sea trials and sonar trials.

Mar 1993: Following a week of exercises with America (CV-66) the crew relaxed during a port visit to Bermuda (5-9 Mar). From 12-22 Mar the ship conducted a Weapons Systems Acceptance Test (WSAT) in Port Everglades and at the AUTEC range.

12 Apr 1993: Hyman G. Rickover entered dry dock for a purification discharge.

Jul 1993: Underway for sonar training with Miami (SSN-755) and a brief port visit to Port Everglades (16-20 Jul).

Aug - Sep 1993: Following weapons certification and sound trials at AUTEC, Hyman G. Rickover returned to Norfolk for a month long upkeep.

06 - 08 Oct 1993: Underway with family and friends for a Tiger Cruise en route to Port Everglades.

09 - 12 Oct 1993: Port visit in Port Everglades for the Broward County Navy Day.

05 Nov 1993: Editor of Rolling Stone Magazine toured Hyman G. Rickover.

03 - 05 Jan 1994: Underway to Kings Bay, Georgia, for dry-docking and sonar repairs. Tiger Cruise with family and friends embarked for the voyage to Kings Bay.

05 - 21 Jan 1994: In dry dock Kings Bay for sonar dome repairs.

22 Jan - 09 Feb 1994: Underway in the Puerto Rico Operating Areas (PROA) with the George Washington (CVN-73) Battle Group for COMPTUEX, FLEETEX 1-94 and TRE. Following operations in the PROA, Hyman G. Rickover enjoyed a port visit in Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico.

12 Mar - 20 Apr 1994: POM Upkeep Norfolk.

08 - 20 Apr 1994: Hyman G. Rickover sailed to the Charleston and Jacksonville Operating Areas to participate in FleetEx 2-94.

20 Apr - 17 May 1994: Hyman G. Rickover returned to Norfolk to complete her final upkeep prior to deployment.

20 May 1994: Underway from Norfolk for Mediterranean Sea deployment with the George Washington Battle Group.

May - Nov 1994: Hyman G. Rickover conducted a Mediterranean deployment that included two NATO exercises and "operations vital to national security." The submarine participated in NATO exercises Swordfish (10-14 Jun) and Dynamic Guard (29 Sep-15 Oct) and hosted many dignitaries throughout the deployment. These included RADM Krekich, Commander George Washington Battle Group (27 May); RADM Sanders, Royal Navy, Commander Naval Forces Gibraltar (8 Jul); RADM Bolongaro, Commander Marine Forces Western Europe (28 Aug); and ADM Angeli, Commander Allied Forces, Southern Europe (15 Oct). The submarine also visited La Maddalena, Italy (18-26 Jul, 16-24 Sep, and 17-30 Oct); Lisbon, Portugal for the 600th birthday of Prince Henry the Navigator (2-9 Jun); Gibraltar, United Kingdom (7-14 Jul); Souda Bay, Crete (5-10 Aug); Toulon, France for the 50th anniversary of the World War II liberation of Southern France (16-19 Aug); and Taranto, Italy (26-29 Sep). The wraship completed ORSE on 14-17 Nov prior to returning to Norfolk.

17 Nov 1994: Return to port Norfolk.

Dec 1994: Hyman G. Rickover completed a two-week upkeep prior to enjoying holiday stand down.

Jan - Mar 1995: Hyman G. Rickover alternated in port training with local underway operations for the first quarter of 1995. During this time the boat completed a Tactical Development Exercise (TacDevEx) and a surprise ORSE.

Mar - Jun 1995: Hyman G. Rickover spent most of March preparing for a three month SRA conducted at Norfolk Naval Shipyard between 28 Mar-12 Jun.

Jun - Jul 1995: Underway for sea trials, acoustic trials and midshipmen training operations. Hyman G. Rickover visited Port Canaveral (30 Jun - 04 Jul) prior to embarking friends and family for a Tiger Cruise back to Norfolk.

Aug - Sep 1995: Hyman G. Rickover began TRE workup underway in the Narragansett Bay Operating Area (NBOA) and continued in port at Groton (18 Aug - 01 Sep).

Oct - Dec 1995: For the remainder of the year Hyman G. Rickover continued with pre-deployment training (PDT), POM workup and completed two upkeep periods. the submarine completed POMCERT on 15 Dec.

10 Jan 1996: Underway from Norfolk for North Atlantic deployment.

Jan - Mar 1996: Hyman G. Rickover conducted operations vital to national security during deployment and completed PASSEX 1-96 with Norwegian units. Following the PASSEX, visited Haakansvern, Norway (13-17 Mar) and entertained the Norwegian Minister of Defense on a VIP cruise (18-19 Mar). Afterwards the submarine sailed to New London, embarked the ORSE team and completed ORSE on 30 Mar.

30 Mar 1996: Return to port Norfolk.

Apr - May 1996: Post deployment stand down coupled with a brief upkeep.

Jun 1996: Underway in the Cape Canaveral Operating Areas for three weeks of Midshipmen training operations (3-27 Jun).

Jul - Aug 1996: Hyman G. Rickover spent two months involved in a Scheduled Preservation Upkeep Coordinated Effort (SPRUCE) followed by a Fleet Maintenance Center (FMA) upkeep. Hurricane Bertha forced the boat underway in the beginning of the SPRUCE (11-14 Jul).

Sep 1996: Hyman G. Rickover sailed to the Cape Canaveral Operating Areas and completed a successful TOMAHAWK Quality Assurance Operational Test Launch (QAST) from 12-27 Sep.

Oct 1996: Returned to Norfolk for upkeep.

Nov 1996: Hyman G. Rickover sailed to AUTEC for testing and evaluation of several CNO projects (3-22 Nov).

Dec 1996: Hyman G. Rickover completed a successful TRE workup and became the first ship to score an overall grade of excellent on the subsequent TRE (2-17 Dec). For the ship’s performance in 1996 the boat received the Submarine Squadron EIGHT Battle Efficiency “E” Award for 1996, Submarine Squadron EIGHT Golden Anchor Award and was the CINCLANTFLT 1996 Golden Anchor Award First Runner-up in the SSN category.

Jan - Mar 1997: Hyman G. Rickover spent the first quarter of 1997 providing support for various submarines in the VCOAS and AUTEC and she also completed a successful ORSE.

Apr - Jun 1997: Hyman G. Rickover alternated in port periods with local operations in the VCOAS. She then sailed to Halifax, Nova Scotia (18-21 May) and Groton (24 May - 9 Jun) for training and liberty.

Jul - Sep 1997: Hyman G. Rickover began her POM cycle in upkeep for all of July and in to August. After her first upkeep, the boat headed to sea for POM workup and testing of new equipment.

Oct - Nov 1997: The submarine completed PDT and POMCERT and an additional upkeep prior to deployment.

06 Dec 1997 - Mar 1998: Underway from Norfolk for a three month Northern Atlantic deployment. Hyman G. Rickover visited Tromso, Norway (19-23 Jan) and Brest, France (9-16 Mar). The boat completed ORSE en route to Norfolk (25-27 Mar).

28 Mar - 26 May 1998: A long upkeep period followed post deployment stand down.

26 May - 17 Jun 1998: Hyman G. Rickover sailed to the Charleston and Jacksonville operating areas for a three week ASW exercise. Following the exercise the boat visited Fort Lauderdale (17-22 Jun).

Jul 1998: Hyman G. Rickover returned to Norfolk to embark midshipmen for several weeks of midshipmen training operations. The boat also hosted family for a brief dependents cruise (18 Jul).

Aug - Sep 1998: Hyman G. Rickover completed a 6 week upkeep prior to sailing for Annapolis.

23 - 28 Sep 1998: Hyman G. Rickover anchored in the Chesapeake Bay near Annapolis for tours. During the five day port visit the crew attended daily functions with Naval Academy midshipmen and hosted over 700 guests on board, including historians from the Naval Historical Center.

Oct - Dec 1998: Hyman G. Rickover conducted CNO Project Testing and visited Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico twice (30 Oct - 3 Nov and 7-9 Nov) prior to performing PCO Operations and completing a TRE.

01 Jan - 06 Apr 1999: In port Norfolk Naval Shipyard for SRA.

Apr 1999: Hyman G. Rickover provided ASW services to various ships in the VCOAS and NBOAS.

May - Jun 1999: Hyman G. Rickover completed various inspections and surveys prior to conducting a POM upkeep (21 May - 29 Jun).

09 - 24 Jul 1999: Hyman G. Rickover sailed to Groton for pre-deployment training.

06 Aug - 13 Sep 1999: The submarine completed a second POM upkeep.

Oct - Nov 1999: The boat completed a series of underway training and acoustic trials prior to POMCERT (15-23 Nov).

10 Dec 1999 - Jun 2000: Underway from Norfolk, VA for a North Atlantic deployment. In addition to independent operations vital to national security, Hyman G. Rickover visited Bergen, Norway (17-21 Feb); Faslane, Scotland (2-15 Mar); Tromso, Norway (6-7 Apr); and Wilhelmshaven, Germany (18-22 May).

Jul - Aug 2000: Hyman G. Rickover underwent a maintenance upkeep and conducted several short periods at sea for crew training and a family Tiger Cruise (18-21 Jul).

Sep 2000: The submarine began TRE workup in the VCOAS and completed TRE en route to AUTEC for torpedo proficiency firing (21-24 Sep).

Oct - Nov 2000: Hyman G. Rickover made dramatic improvements to her sonar and radio systems during a two month long availability.

Dec 2000: The submarine tested the new sonar and radio systems at sea during a two week long underway. Following the underway Hyman G. Rickover enjoyed holiday stand down.

Jan - Mar 2001: The boat spent the majority of the first quarter in dry dock for a resin discharge. Following the discharge, the submarine sailed for ORSE workup.

Apr - Jun 2001: After completion of ORSE, Hyman G. Rickover began pre-deployment training and POM workup. In May, the boat sailed to Cape Canaveral for a port visit (18-21 May) and a VIP cruise before returning to Norfolk for a POM upkeep in June.

Jul - Sep 2001: Hyman G. Rickover continued PDT and POM workups in the VCOAS.

5 Oct 2001 - Apr 2002: Deployed from Norfolk to the North Atlantic to conduct operations vital to national security. During deployment Hyman G. Rickover visited several ports including Faslane, Scotland (19 Nov - 4 Dec and 13-18 Mar); Tromso, Norway (14-18 Dec); and Bergen, Norway (28 Jan-5 Feb). The boat embarked the ORSE team in Cape Canaveral and completed ORSE en route to Norfolk (3-5 Apr).

05 Apr 2002: Return to Norfolk and remained in port for stand down and upkeep until the beginning of June.

Jun - Aug 2002: Alternated in port upkeep and underway operations supporting various ships of the Atlantic fleet. Hyman G. Rickover visited Cape Canaveral (20-24 Jun) prior to assisting Philadelphia (SSN-690) for her TRE.

22 Aug - Dec 2002: Hyman G. Rickover entered dry dock at Norfolk Naval Shipyard for Interim Dry Docking (IDD) where she remained for the rest of the year.

Jan - Mar 2003: Hyman G. Rickover completed IDD on 09 Jan and began a busy year at sea by completing sea trials (9-13 and 26-28 Jan). For the remainder of the quarter the boat alternated in port maintenance periods and at sea operations, including sailing to AUTEC for acoustic trials (3-6 Feb) and for TRE (14-17 Mar).

Apr - Jun 2003: Hyman G. Rickover began preparing for her upcoming deployment with a POM upkeep in April. Upon completion she began POM workup in the VCOAS and then sailed to Groton for PDT (20 May-5 Jun). Following PDT, the submarine completed her ORSE in the VCOAS and returned to Norfolk for her second POM upkeep.

Jul - Sep 2003: Hyman G. Rickover completed her POM upkeep at the end of July and went to sea for more POM workup and completed POMCERT 22-26 Sep.

10 Oct 2003 - Apr 2004: Underway from Norfolk for North Atlantic deployment to conduct operations vital to national security. During deployment Hyman G. Rickover visited several ports including Tromso, Norway (18-21 Nov); Portsmouth, England (2-17 Dec); and Tromso, Norway (2-12 Feb).

10 Apr 2004: Return to Norfolk and remained in port for stand down and upkeep until the beginning of July.

Jul - Sep 2004: Local operations included a Nuclear Weapons Acceptance Inspection (6-8 Jul), a Quality Assurance Service Test (10-15 Jul), and operation SMART SEARCH ’04 (24 Aug - 6 Sep).

Oct 2004 - Mar 2005: Hyman G. Rickover entered Dry Dock No 1 at Northrop Grumman Newport News Shipyard on 1 Oct and remained in dry dock into the new year.

Jun - 11 Oct 2006: Deployment in North Atlantic, during which the submarine visited Haakonsvern, Norway; Faslane, Scotland; and Rota, Spain.

Jan - Feb 2007: At Norfolk preparing for inactivation.

19 Mar - 17 Dec 2007: Fuel removal and other deactivation procedures at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard culminating in crew transfer to follow on fleet assignments. Boat continued preparations for Submarine Recycling Program into 2008.

Apr 2008: Scheduled for tow to Puget Sound Naval Shipyard via Panama Canal for recycling.

Homeport assignments:
Groton, Connecticut: July 21, 1984 - May 3, 1985
Norfolk, Virginia: May 3, 1985 - February 2007

Squadron/Group assignments:
Submarine Squadron 2: 21 Jul 1984
Submarine Squadron 8: 03 May 1985

Commanding Officers - date assumed command
Captain Fredrik H.M. Spruitenburg: 21 Jul 1984
Commander Jay M. Cohen: 23 Jan 1985
Commander Bruce S. Lemkin: 23 Jan 1988
Commander Brenton C. Greene: 28 Jul 1990
Commander John J. Donnelly: 02 Nov 1991
Commander Joseph A. Walsh: 02 Dec 1994
Commander Robert E. Schuetz: 10 Jul 1997
Commander Peter H. Young: 08 Jul 1999
Commander Kenneth L. Gray: 07 Jun 2002
Commander Robert E. Cosgriff: Aug 2005
Commander Troy E. Mong: 15 Jun 2007

Major overseas deployments:
Date of departure - Date of return / Area of operations
25 Oct 1985 - 21 Mar 1986 / Mediterranean
17 Oct 1986 - 11 Dec 1986 / North Atlantic
14 Oct 1987 - 21 Dec 1987 / North Atlantic
30 Dec 1988 - 27 May 1989 / Mediterranean
21 Mar 1990 - 29 Jun 1990 / North Atlantic
06 Mar 1991 - 10 May 1991 / North Atlantic
20 May 1994 - 17 Nov 1994 / Mediterranean
10 Jan 1996 - 30 Mar 1996 / North Atlantic
06 Dec 1997 - 27 Mar 1998 / North Atlantic
10 Dec 1999 - 10 Jun 2000 / North Atlantic
05 Oct 2001 - 05 Apr 2002 / North Atlantic
10 Oct 2003 - 10 Apr 2004 / North Atlantic
01 Jun 2006 - 11 Oct 2006 / North Atlantic

source: US Naval History & Heritage Command (2015)



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