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LSD 42  -  USS Germantown



lsd 42 uss germantown crest insignia patch badge whidbey island class dock landing ship

lsd 42 uss germantown whidbey island class dock landing ship us navy lockheed shipbuilding seattle

Type, Class:


Dock Landing Ship; Whidbey Island - class



Lockheed Shipbuilding, Seattle, Washington, USA



Awarded: March 26, 1982

Laid down: August 5, 1982

Launched: June 29, 1984

Commissioned: February 8, 1986

ACTIVE UNIT/ in commission (Pacific Fleet)



forward deployed at Sasebo, Japan



Named after and in honor of the Battle of Germantown, Pennsylvania, 1777

Ship's Motto:


FOLGEN SIE UNSEREN FUSSPUREN!   (follow in our footsteps)

Technical Data:

(Measures, Propulsion,

Armament, Aviation, etc.)


see: INFO > Whidbey Island - class Dock Landing Ship


ship images


lsd 42 uss germantown dock landing ship whidbey island class white beach naval facility okinawa japan 2013

White Beach Naval Facility, Okinawa, Japan - November 2013


uss germantown lsd 42 mv-22 osprey

MV-22 Osprey - Coral Sea - August 2013


lsd 42 uss germantown

Coral Sea - August 2013


Gulf of Thailand - February 2013


lsd 42 uss germantown sasebo japan

Sasebo, Japan - January 2013


Sasebo, Japan - January 2013


lsd 42 uss germantown well deck

South China Sea - June 2012


uss germantown lsd 42 well deck aav

Gulf of Thailand - May 2012


South China Sea - February 2012


South China Sea - February 2012


Philippine Sea - October 2011


Sasebo, Japan - August 2011


lsd 42 uss germantown forward deployed sasebo japan

Coral Sea - July 2011


lsd 42 uss germantown well deck operations coral sea

Coral Sea - July 2011


uss germantown lsd 42 exercise talisman sabre 2011

Exercise TALISMAN SABRE 2011


lsd 42 uss germantown well deck lcac

White Beach, Okinawa - June 2011


uss germantown lsd 42 gulf of thailandwhidbey island class dock landing ship

Gulf of Thailand - February 2011


lsd 42 uss germantown dock landing ship us navy

Pacific Ocean - January 2011


Seattle, Washington - July 2008


Seattle, Washington - July 2008


lsd 42 uss germantown persian gulf 2008

Persian Gulf - March 2008


Persian Gulf - March 2008


September 2007


San Diego, California - August 2003


off Iwo Jima - March 2002


lsd 42 uss germantown operation tandem thrust 1993

Operation TANDEM THRUST - July 1993


Operation TANDEM THRUST - July 1993














April 1986


lsd 42 uss germantown commissioning

commissioning - February 8, 1986


commissioning - February 8, 1986






lsd 42 uss germantown builders trials













launching - June 1984







Germantown, Pennsylvania, USA


germantown pennsylvania

The Battle of Germantown



Namesake & History:

USS GERMANTOWN is the second ship to bear the name of the historical Pennsylvania district of Germantown, famous for being the site of an important battle of the American Revolution. On October 4, 1777 the Continental Army led by George Washington and the British under Sir William Howe clashed in battle amidst dense fog. While having numerical superiority, the attempt to repeat the earlier success of the Trenton campaign would fail and despite a close fought battle Washington was forced to retreat. Even though the battle was lost, the new Army’s attempt to dislodge the British forces was evidence of the colonists’ tenacity and courage in battle against the better trained British troops and helped to gain French support for the final battle at Yorktown.


USS Germantown (LSD 42):

Commissioned on February 8, 1986, USS GERMANTOWN is the second ship of the WHIDBEY ISLAND class dock landing ships, and the first assigned to the Pacific Fleet. The WHIDBEY ISLAND class LSD was specifically designed to operate with the Navy’s new Landing Craft Air Cushion assault craft and can carry more LCAC’s than any other Navy ship. GERMANTOWN was the first LSD to deploy with this new weapon system in 1987.

On 1 December 1990, GERMANTOWN departed San Diego enroute to the Arabian Gulf as part of the largest West Coast amphibious task force since 1965. The ship played a significant role during Operations DESERT SHIELD and DESERT STORM, conducting mock amphibious assaults in the United Arab Emirates in preparation for a possible landing as part of DESERT STORM.

Shortly after returning from DESERT STORM, GERMANTOWN shifted her homeport to Sasebo, Japan. There she operated as a forward deployed asset in the Navy’s Seventh Fleet until she was relieved on August 16, 2002 by USS HARPERS FERRY (LSD 49). GERMANTOWN returned to San Diego, CA, where she underwent a $25 million overhaul.

In 2004, GERMANTOWN offloaded Marines of the 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) at Kuwait Naval Base as part of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM. During the deployment, the ship also offloaded Marines for bilateral training in the United Arab Emirates, Djibouti, and Kenya and assisted in the rescue of eight Iraqi merchant sailors after their ship sank in the Arabian Gulf.

GERMANTOWN deployed again in February 2006 to the Arabian Gulf in support of operation ENDURING FREEDOM carrying Marines of the 11th MEU to Kuwait. She assisted Iraq in the North Arabian Gulf by responding to an oil fire on the Khwar Al Amaya Oil Terminal and by querying vessels before they entered Iraqi waters. GERMANTOWN constantly contributed to coalition objectives by conducting presence Operations throughout the Arabian Gulf before returning to her homeport in August 2006.

After intensive Unit Level and Integrated Training Cycles GERMANTOWN departed for the Arabian Gulf on November 5, 2007 in support of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM. After offloading Battalion Landing Team 1/5 of the 11th MEU in Kuwait for field exercises, GERMANTOWN conducted Maritime Security Operations throughout the Gulf. Fifth Fleet reached out to GERMANTOWN to operate in non-traditional roles for a ship of her class; tasking her with conducting oil platform defense in the narrow Shatt-Al-Arab waterway on the Iraq-Iran border. She returned home to San Diego, CA, on June 3rd, 2008 and began preparations for an extended mid-life overhaul period commencing in the winter of 2008.

Upon her return, preparations began for an extended mid-life overhaul period. The ship moved to CMSD on January 8, 2008 where she remained until October 2009 when she returned to 32nd Street Naval Station. The ship then began preparing for INSURV and a hull swap with the Harpers Ferry in Japan.
In January 2011, the Germantown reversed the 2002 hull swap with the Harpers Ferry, to return to Sasebo, and immediately proceeded to join the Essex Amphibious Ready Group for Cobra Gold 2011, a multinational exercise hosted annually by the Kingdom of Thailand.

This ship was one of several participating in disaster relief after the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami. The ship departed Sasebo in September 2011 for a patrol of the western Pacific. Accompanying the ship were the USS Denver (LPD-9) and USS Essex (LHD-2). In November 2013, Germantown and USS Ashland (LSD-48) supported relief operations in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan.




lsd 42 uss germantown patch crest insignia badge whidbey island class dock landing ship us navy



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