Fighter Squadron 81 (FITRON 81)

VF-81 ‘Waldomen’


sorry, no insignia

fighter squadron vf-81 waldomen fitron f9f-5 panther f7u-3 cutlass



Reserve squadron VF-671 called to active duty on February 1, 1951

VF-671 redesignated VF-81 on February 4, 1953

VF-81 redesignated VA-66 on July 1, 1955


Grumman F9F-5 Panther (1953-54)

Vought F7U-3 Cutlass (1954-55)




April 1953 - October 1953 with CVG-8 aboard USS Coral Sea (CVA 43)




fighter squadron vf-81 waldomen f7u-3 cutlass nas norfolk virginia 1954

F7U-3 Cutlass (VF-81) in flight near NAS Norfolk, Virginia - 1954


fighter squadron vf-81 waldomen fitron f9f-5 panther cvg-8 uss coral sea cva 43

squadron photo with a Grumman F9F-5 Panther - 1954




Chronology of significant events:

Jan - Feb 1953: VF-81, with its F9F-5s, participated in operational tests aboard the Navy’s first angled deck carrier, USS Antietam (CVA 36).
Apr 1954: VF-81 became the first operational fleet squadron to receive and operate the F7U Cutlass.





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