Fighter Squadron 73 (FITRON 73)

VF-73 ‘Jesters’


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fighter squadron vf-73 jesters fitron us navy



established as VF-73 on July 27, 1948

VF-73 disestablished on March 1, 1958


Grumman F9F-5 Panther (1952-53)

Grumman F9F-6 Cougar (1953-56)

North American FJ-3 Fury (1957-58)




January 1953 - July 1953 with CVG-10 aboard USS Tarawa (CVA 40)

January 1954 - August 1954 with CVG-6 aboard USS Midway (CVA 41)

May 1955 - December 1955 with CVG-7 aboard USS Hornet (CVA 12)

July 1957 - February 1958 - with CVG-4 aboard USS Randolph (CVA 15)




fighter squadron vf-73 jesters fj-3m fury carrier air group cvg-4 uss randolph cva 15

FJ-3M Fury (VF-73 / CVG-4) embarked on USS Randolph (CVA 15) - 1957 (National Naval Aviation Museum)


fighter squadron vf-73 jesters f9f-6 cougar cvg-7 uss hornet cva 12

F9F-6 Cougar (VF-73 / CVG-7) embarked on USS Hornet (CVA 12) - 1955 (National Naval Aviation Museum)


vf-73 jesters fighter squadron f9f-6 cougar carrier air group cvg-7

F9F-6 Cougar (VF-73 / CVG-7) after a crash landing - 1954 (National Naval Aviation Museum)


fighter squadron vf-73 jesters f9f-6 cougar cvg-6 uss midway cva 41

F9F-6 Cougar (VF-73 / CVG-6) embarked on USS Midway (CVA 41) - 1954




Fighter Squadron 73 (VF-73), also known as the "Jesters", was a United States Navy fighter squadron established at Naval Air Station Quonset Point, Rhode Island on July 27, 1948. During its existence, the squadron flew several different single engine prop and jet aircraft and made four deployment cruises. VF-73 was disestablished on March 1, 1958.

VF-73 deployments:

USS Philippine Sea (CV-47) and USS Leyte (CV-32)

While at NAS Quonset Point, VF-73 was attached to Carrier Air Group Seven and deployed to the Mediterranean with the USS Philippine Sea and USS Leyte. The cruise lasted from January 4, 1949 - May 22, 1949.

USS Midway (CVA-41)

From January 4, 1954 - August 4, 1954, VF-73 again deployed to the Mediterranean while attached to Carrier Air Group Six on board the USS Midway.

USS Hornet (CVA-12)

In 1955, VF-73 was once again attached to Carrier Air Group Seven. On May 4, 1955, the squadron deployed to the Far East with the USS Hornet, becoming part of the Navy's Seventh Fleet. During the cruise, the Hornet helped cover the evacuation of Vietnamese from the Communist-controlled north to South Vietnam, then ranged from Japan to Formosa, Okinawa, and the Philippines in readiness training with the 7th Fleet. VF-73 returned to the United States with the Hornet on December 10, 1955.

USS Randolph (CVA-15)

On July 1, 1957, VF-73 deployed to the Mediterranean for the last time while attached to Carrier Air Group Four on board the USS Randolph. Between August and December 1957, as political turmoil in Syria threatened to further disturb the already turbulent Mideast, the Randolph patrolled the eastern Mediterranean. The squadron returned to the United States on February 24, 1958.


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