Attack Squadron 133 (ATKRON 133)

VA-133 ‘Blue Knights’


va-133 blue knights insignia patch crest badge attack squadron us navy atkron a-4 skyhawk

va-133 blue knights attack squadron a4d-2 a-4b skyhawk atkron us navy



established as VA-133 on August 21, 1961

VA-133 disestablished on October 1, 1962


Douglas A4D-2 (A-4B) Skyhawk (1961-62)




March 1962 - May 1962 with CVG-13 aboard USS Constellation (CVA 64)




attack squadron va-133 blue knights atkron a4d-2 a-4b skyhawk cvg-13 uss constellation cva 64

A4D-2 Skyhawk, AE312 (VA-133 / CVG-13) embarked on USS Constellation (CVA 64) - 1962 (NNAM)




Significant events:

Aug 1961: The squadron was established as part of a new Air Group to increase the strength of the fleet as a result of the Berlin Crisis of 1961.

8-19 Feb 1962: A squadron detachment was aboard USS Constellation (CVA-64) for carrier trials and in a standby status for possible assistance during Project Mercury, the launching of Lieutenant Colonel John H. Glenn, USMC, in Mercury spacecraft Friendship 7.

Mar-May 1962: The squadron participated in Constellation’s shakedown cruise in the Caribbean.


Homeport: NAS Cecil Field, Florida




va-133 blue knights patch insignia crest badge attack squadron us navy



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