Attack Squadron 125 (ATKRON 125)

VA-125 ‘Rough Raiders’


va-125 rough raiders crest insignia patch badge attack squadron us navy fleet replacement training

va-125 rough raiders attack squadron us navy fleet replacement training skyhawk corsair



First VA-125:

established as VA-55E in 1946 (Reserve Squadron)

VA-55E redesignated VA-923 in January 1950 (Reserve Squadron)

VA-923 activated on July 20, 1950

VA-923 redesignated VA-125 on February 4, 1953

VA-125 disestablished on April 10, 1958


Second VA-125:
established as VA-26 on June 30, 1956

VA-26 redesignated VA-125 on April 11, 1958
VA-125 disestablished on October 1, 1977


First VA-125:

Douglas AD-3/4/5/6/7 Skyraider (1953-58)


Second VA-125:

(year received the aircraft)

Douglas AD-5 (A-1E) Skyraider (1960)

Douglas A4D-1 Skyhawk (1958)

Douglas A4D-2 (A-4B) Skyhawk (1958)

Douglas A4D-2N (A-4C) Skyhawk (1960)

Douglas A-4E Skyhawk (1962)

Douglas A-4F Skyhawk (1968)

Douglas TA-4F Skyhawk (1966)

Ling-Temco-Vought A-7A Corsair II (1969)

Ling-Temco-Vought A-7B Corsair II (1969)

Ling-Temco-Vought A-7C Corsair II (1975)




First VA-125:

May 1951 - December 1951 with CVG-102 aboard USS Bon Homme Richard (CV 31)

September 1952 - May 1953 with CVG-102 aboard USS Oriskany (CV 34)

March 1954 - October 1954 with CVG-12 aboard USS Boxer (CVA 21)

August 1955 - March 1956 with CVG-12 aboard USS Hancock (CVA 19)

April 1957 - October 1957 with CVG-12 aboard USS Lexington (CVA 16)


Second VA-125:

no combat deployments because VA-125 was a Fleet Replacement Squadron (training unit)




va-125 rough raiders attack squadron fleet replacement t-28b trojan

T-28B Trojan shared by VA-122 and VA-125 -  circa 1975 (NNAM)


va-125 rough raiders attack squadron a-4 skyhawk

a formation of five different models of the A-4 Skyhawk (VA-125) A-4B, A-4C, A-4E, A-4F and TA-4F - 1969




First VA-125:


VA-125 was an Attack Squadron of the U.S. Navy. It was established as Reserve Attack Squadron VA-55E, most likely during the activation of the Naval Air Reserve in 1946. It remained in an inactive status until January 1950, when it was redesignated VA-923. The squadron was called to active duty on 20 July 1950. It was redesignated VA-125 on 4 February 1953, and disestablished on 10 April 1958. Its nickname was the Rough Raiders from 1952 onward.

February 1, 1953: The squadron’s commanding officer, Commander J. C. Micheel, was killed in action in Korea.

The Squadron was homeported at NAS Miramar, California.



Second VA-125:


Significant events:

11 Apr 1958: The squadron’s mission was changed from air-to-ground/surface attack to the indoctrination and training of pilots and enlisted personnel in attack aircraft for assignment to combat carrier squadrons.

11 Dec 1958: The squadron’s commanding officer, Commander J. E. Thomas, was killed in an aircraft accident.

Mar 1960: With the addition of the A4D-2N Skyhawk, the squadron added radar and inflight refueling training to its flight syllabus.

19 May 1966: VA-125 was the first squadron in the Navy to receive the TA-4F Skyhawk.

Jun 1966: The first of several groups of Australians arrived for training by the squadron on the A-4 Skyhawk. The pilots were to form the nucleus of Australia’s first A-4 squadron scheduled for assignment to HMAS Melborne (R-21).

13 Mar 1967: The squadron’s commanding officer, Commander J. D. Shaw, was killed in an aircraft accident during a routine carrier qualification exercise on the Kearsarge (CVS 33).

31 Mar 1969: The last A-4 Fleet Replacement Pilot class began.

30 Jun 1969: The last A-4 Fleet Replacement Enlisted Maintenance training program was completed.

Nov 1969: The squadron began to develop the required training program for the Light Attack Weapons School. In December 1969 the squadron, in conjunction with VA-122, inaugurated a graduate level course for the Light Attack Weapons School that involved all phases of attack aviation.

Jan 1970: The first A-7 Fleet Replacement Enlisted Maintenance and Fleet Replacement Pilot classes began.


Homeport assignments:

NAS Moffett Field, California: 1958-61

NAS Lemoore, California: 1977





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