Attack Squadron 105 (ATKRON 105)

VA-105 ‘Mad Dogs’


va-105 mad dogs crest insignia patch badge attack squadron atkron us navy skyraider

va-105 mad dogs attack squadron atkron us navy ad-4/6 skyraider



established as VA-105 on May 1, 1952
VA-105 disestablished on February 1, 1959


Douglas AD-4 Skyraider (1952-54)

Douglas AD-6 Skyraider (1954-59)




January 1953 - July 1953 with CVG-10 aboard USS Tarawa (CVA 40)

August 1953 - November 1959 with CVG-10 aboard USS Randolph (CVA 15)

September 1955 - April 1956 with ATG-201 aboard USS Bennington (CVA 20)

February 1958 - November 1958 with ATG-201 aboard USS Essex (CVA 9)




attack squadron va-105 mad dogs ad-6 skyraider atg-201 uss essex cva 9 refueling fj-3m gury vf-62

AD-6 Skyraider (VA-105 / ATG-201) embarked on USS Essex (CVA 9) refueling a FJ-3M Fury from VF-62 - 1958 (National Naval Aviation Museum)


va-105 mad dogs ad-6 skyraider atg-201 uss essex cva-9 atkron us navy

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attack squadron va-105 mad dogs ad-4 skyraider cvg-10 uss randolph cva 15 shakedown cruise 1953

AD-4 Skyraiders (VA-105 / CVG-10) embarked on USS Randolph (CVA 15) during her shakedown cruise after the SCB-27A conversion - 1953 (NNAM)




The first VA-105 was commissioned on 1 May 1952 at NAS Cecil Field flying the AD-1 Skyraider. The squadron changed home-base between NAS Jacksonville and Cecil several times during the 1950s.


In July-August 1958, the squadron flew close air support missions from USS Essex (CVA-9) during the landing of U.S. Marines in Beirut, Lebanon. Aircraft from VA-105 were the first to be on station during the landings, and squadron aircraft flew road and border reconnaissance sorties. Several aircraft were damaged by ground fire on their reconnaissance missions, however all aircraft returned safely to Essex.


In September 1958 when the Chinese communists began shelling the Quemoy Island group, Essex was ordered to transit the Suez Canal and report to the U.S. Seventh Fleet for duty in the Taiwan Straits.


In November 1958, the squadron's mission was changed to training personnel in the AD-6 Skyraider. The squadron was decommissioned on 1 February 1959.




va-105 mad dogs patch insignia crest badge attack squadron us navy atkron     attack squadron va-105 mad dogs insignia crest patch atkron ad-4/6 skyraider



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