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US Marine Corps - Marine Fighter Attack Training Squadron 201
VMFAT-201 'Hawks'
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STATUS:   established as VMFAT-201 on March 31, 1968
VMFAT-201 deactivated on April 30, 1974
integrated into VMFAT-101
 AIRCRAFT:   McDonnell Douglas F-4B/J Phantom II
 DEPLOYMENTS:   training / replacement unit
Marine Fighter Attack Training Squadron 201 (VMFAT-201) was established on 31 March 1968 at MCAS Cherry Point, North Carolina, flying the McDonnell Douglas F-4B/J Phantom II.
The unit was deactivated on April 30, 1974.
In July 1974 VMFAT-101 absorbed the assets of VMFAT-201 from MCAS Cherry Point, North Carolina.
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