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US Marine Corps - Marine Attack Squadron 131
VMA-131 'Diamondbacks' 
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vma-131 diamondbacks marine attack squadron a-4 skyhawk
STATUS:   established ?
VMA-131 deactivated on December 5, 1998
 AIRCRAFT:   Douglas A-4 Skyhawk


Following World War II, the squadron became part of the Marine Air Reserve and were based out of Naval Air Station New York, Brooklyn, New York from 1960 through 1972 and NASJRB Willow Grove from 1972 until 1998. On January 12, 1990 an A-4 Skyhawk from the squadron crashed on approach to NAS Willow Grove, coming down in Upper Moreland Township, impacting in an intersection, with debris tearing off the roof of an auto-leasing business, destroying four cars and damaging six houses with no injuries on the ground. The pilot parachuted into tree nearby suffering only minor injuries.

On June 22, 1994 the squadron officially retired its last A-4M aircraft. Four pilots flew a short flight that included a flyby the field. Aside from the various Marines from the squadron and MAG-49, there were family and invited guests. The pilots were:

Col. George "Eagle" Lake III CO VMA-131 Major John "Baja" Rufo XO VMA-131 Captain Dave "Yoda" Hurston Major Mike "Struts" Volland VMA-131 Ops Officer

In December 1998, VMA-131 stood down as a squadron, LtCol. Volland the last Squadron Commander at the time.

source: wikipedia

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