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US Marine Corps

4th Marine Aircraft Wing



February 25, 1946

Headquarters: New Orleans, Louisiana


4th Marine Aircraft Wing Headquarters (4MAW HQ)
Marine Wing Headquarters Squadron 4
Marine Aircraft Group 41
Marine Aircraft Group 49

Marine Air Control Group 48
Marine Aviation Training Support Group 42
4th Marine Aircraft Wing Site Support
Marine Transport Squadron Belle Chasse (VMR Belle Chasse)
Marine Transport Squadron Andrews (VMR Andrews)




The 4th Marine Aircraft Wing is the reserve airwing of the United States Marine Corps.
It is headquartered in New Orleans, Louisiana but its subordinate units are scattered throughout the United States.

Conduct air operations in support of the Fleet Marine Forces to include anti-air warfare, offensive air support, assault support, electronic warfare, aerial reconnaissance, control of aircraft and missiles, and as a collateral function, to participate as an integral component of Naval Aviation in the execution of such other Navy functions as directed.


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