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US Marine Corps

Marine Aircraft Group 40

marine aircraft group mag-40 usmc insignia crest patch 


1990 / 2009-2010
Headquarters: Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan

2nd Marine Expeditionary Brigade (2nd MEB)

various forward deployed units



Marine Aircraft Group 40 is a composite United States Marine Corps aviation unit that is based in Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point and was deployed to Afghanistan in 2009. They served as the aviation combat element for 2nd Marine Expeditionary Brigade which was supporting Operation Enduring Freedom from spring 2009 through April 4, 2010 when they were relieved by the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing (Fwd). The group is currently composed of two CH-53 squadrons, one light attack helicopter squadron, one AV-8B Harrier II squadron, one MV-22 Osprey squadron, one KC-130 tactical aerial refueling squadron, one unmanned aerial vehicle squadron and an aviation logistics squadron.


MAG-40 was originally stood up to support Exercise Teamwork and Exercise Bold Guard in Norway and West Germany in September/October 1990. When Iraq invaded Kuwait in August 1990 the MAG was designated as the aviation combat element of the 4th Marine Expeditionary Brigade. They began immediately deploying to the Persian Gulf. The group remained in the Persian Gulf as part of the Amphibious Task Force. During this time the group aviation assets included 20 AV-8Bs, 24 CH-46s, 14 CH-53s, 6 UH-1Ns, and 15 AH-1s.

MAG-40 was reactivated as a composite aircraft group which serves as the headquarters for all Marine aviation units in Afghanistan beginning in the spring/summer of 2009. The group was located at an airfield in southern Afghanistan and is made up of 50 to 100 aircraft. During their time in Afghanistan, aircraft from the group flew just under 38,000 flight hours and moved over 141,000 passengers. They were relieved on April 4, 2010 by the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing (Fwd) and will return to MCAS Cherry Point.

source: wikipedia


CAMP LEATHERNECK, Afghanistan - Marine Aircraft Group 40 transferred responsibilities as the aviation combat element of Marine Expeditionary Brigade-Afghanistan to 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing (Forward) during a transfer of authority ceremony, April 4.

Brig. Gen. Andrew W. O'Donnell Jr., the 3rd MAW (Fwd) commanding general, assumed command from Col. Kevin S. Vest, MAG-40's commanding officer.

"Some of the 'bumper stickers' [from this deployment] are just under 38,000 flight hours and 141,000 passengers moved, in one of the most distributed battle spaces the Marine Corps has ever fought," said Vest.

MAG-40 will now return home to Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, N.C., after a year away from their families. As MAG-40 Marines begin their travel home, 3rd MAW (Fwd) Marines will continue the fight.

"Nothing changes out here, we are here to support these Marines you see behind you, the Marines on the flight line and even the Marines flying right now," said O'Donnell. "This is what we do."

He went on to say "we're out here to support the Marines on the ground. Those are the Marines actually doing the job."

The 3rd MAW (Fwd) will be the aviation combat element for the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force (Forward) when it assumes command later this month.

source: USMC



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