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US Marine Corps

Marine Aircraft Group 12

marine aircraft group mag-12 insignia crest patch badge usmc 


March 1, 1942
Headquarters: MCAS Iwakuni, Japan

1st Marine Aircraft Wing (1st MAW)

Marine All-Weather Fighter Attack Squadron 242 / VMFA(AW)-242
Marine Aerial Refueler Transport Squadron 152 / VMGR-152

+ unit deployment program:
2 stateside based F/A-18, AV-8B Harirer II or EA-6B Prowler squadrons on a six-month deployment as part of MAG-12



Marine Aircraft Group Twelve was activated at Camp Kearney, California, on 1 March 1942, and shortly thereafter, deployed to the Pacific. From December 1942 until cessation of hostilities in late 1945, the Group participated in numerous World War II operations in the Solomon and Philippine Islands supporting the US Army, Navy and Marine Corps as well as Philippine guerrilla forces. For such service, the Group earned the Army Distinguished Unit Award and the Navy Unit Citation.

Through the end of the Korean Conflict, the Group participated successfully in numerous operations and accumulated over 80,000 effective combat sorties against enemy troops, installations, vehicles and countless other vital targets. A second Navy Unit citation was awarded for its Korean War service.

During 1956, after nearly 6 years in Korea, MAG-12 was withdrawn to Iwakuni, Japan, and remained there conducting close air support for Fleet Marine Forces in the Western Pacific until 1965.

In May 1965, MAG12 deployed to ChuLai, Vietnam, to support Marine infantry and other allied forces in their engagements against the Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese Army units.

The Group participated in many large operations, including the recapture of Hue City and the relief of besieged units at Khe Sanh. Two more Navy Unit Citations were received as a result of the Group’s contribution to the Vietnam War effort. After almost 5 years of combat, MAG-12 was withdrawn from the Republic of Vietnam in February 1970, and reestablished at Iwakuni, Japan.

MAG-12’s stay in Japan, though, was short. Again, in May 1972, MAG-12 deployed to Vietnam and conducted combat operations from Bien Hoa air base until finally withdrawing from war in January 1973. MAG-12 then returned to Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni, Japan, where it remains today.

From this base, MAG-12 has conducted numerous operations throughout the WESTPAC area and participated in hundreds of joint service training exercises, continually honing its combat skills.

Today MAG-12 consists of one Marine Aircraft Logistics Squadron and four operational flying squadrons - VMFA(AW)-242, two UDP F/A-18 squadrons, one UDP EA6-B squadron, and a UDP AV-8B detachment.

source: MAG-12 website


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