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Republic of Singapore Navy
Archer class Submarine
archer class submarine singapore navy rss swordsman kockums sweden
 RSS Archer launching ceremony - June 2009
Archer (2011)
Swordsman (2013)
Builder: Kockums AB, Malmö, Sweden
60,5 meters (198 feet 6 inches)
Beam: 6,1 meters (20 ft)
Draft: 5,6 meters (18 ft 4 in)
Displacement: 1400 tons (surfaced) / 1500 tons (submerged)
Speed: 8 knots (15 km/h) surfaced / 15 knots (28 km/h) submerged
Complement: 28

2 x
Hedemora diesel-electric engines
2 x Kockums V4-275R Sterling AIP units
1 shaft,
1 propeller

6 x
21-inches (533 mm) torpedo tubes
3 x 16-inches (400 mm) torpedo tubes
The Archer class submarines are the newest class of diesel-electric submarines in active service with the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN). Originally launched as the Swedish Navy Västergötland class submarines HMS Hälsingland and HMS Västergötland in 1986 and 1987, the two submarines were sold to Singapore in November 2005 and relaunched in June 2009 and October 2010 respectively after extensive modernisation by Kockums, which included a refit to Södermanland class standards, the insertion of a new hull section with an air independent propulsion system, and additional climatisation for use in tropical waters.

Singapore's Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) signed an agreement with Kockums for the supply of two Archer class (formerly Västergötland class) submarines to the RSN on 4 November 2005. More than 20 years old and previously in reserve with the Swedish Navy, the submarines will be transferred to the RSN on completion of the modernisation and conversion for operation in tropical waters. RSS Archer was launched on 16 June 2009. RSS Archer has undergone sea trials following its launch and is now operational. The second submarine, RSS Swordsman, was launched on 20 October 2010. The Archer class submarines are expected to enter service from 2010 and may replace some of the Challenger class submarines.

The Archer class submarines were designed and built by Kockums AB as single-hull, double compartment submarines optimised to reduce noise and magnetic signature. The two pressure-tight compartments also enhance safety and survivability of the crew. The submarines were designed to operate in the shallow waters of the Baltic Sea and are therefore also optimised for operation in Singapore waters, which have similar depth profiles.The Archer class submarines are also equipped with Stirling AIP (air independent propulsion) engines. This enables the submarines to have longer submerged endurance and lower noise signature, enhancing the stealth capability of the submarines. The advanced sonar system allows the submarines to detect contacts at a further distance, while the torpedo system has a better target acquisition capability, which allows the submarines to engage contacts at a longer range.

Swedish Royal Navy service:
HMS Hälsingland: laid down - January 1, 1984 / launched - August 31, 1987 / commissioned - October 20, 1988
HMS Västergötland: laid down - January 10, 1983 / launched - July 19, 1986 / commissioned - November 27, 1987

Singapore Navy service:
RSS Archer (ex HMS Hälsingland): launched - June 16, 2009 / commissioned - December 2, 2011
RSS Swordsman (ex HMS Västergötland): launched - October 20, 2010 / commissioned - April 30, 2013

source: wikipedia



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