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Royal Navy - Guided Missile Frigate
F 95 HMS London
f-95 hms london insignia crest patch badge type 22 class frigate royal navy 02x f-95 hms london type 22 broadsword class frigate royal navy 02x
Type, class: Guided Missile Frigate; Type 22 / Broadsword class - Batch 2
Builder: Yarrow Shipbuilders, Glasgow, Scotland, U.K.
Awarded: February 23, 1982
Laid down: February 7, 1983
Launched: October 27, 1984
Commissioned: June 5, 1987
Decommissioned: January 14, 1999
Fate: sold to Romania on January 14, 2003 / renamed Regina Maria (F 222)

Homeport: -
Namesake: City of London
Ships Motto: -
Technical Data: see INFO > Broadsword / Type 22 class Guided Missile Frigate

hms london f 95 broadsword class type 22 frigate royal navy

f-95 hms london type 22 class broadsword batch 2 frigate royal navy

hms london f 95 type 22 broadsword class frigate insignia crest

f222 regina maria romanian navy ex hms london f95 type 22 broadsword class frigate
in Romanian service as Frigate Regina Maria (F 222) - ex HMS London (F 95)

HMS London was a Type 22 frigate of the Royal Navy, originally named Bloodhound but renamed London at the request of the Lord Mayor of London.
She was flagship of the Royal Navy task force during the First Gulf War in 1991.
She was decommissioned on 14 January 1999 and sold to the Romanian Navy on 14 January 2003, being commissioned as Regina Maria on 21 April 2005 after Queen Marie of Romania, wife of King Ferdinand I of Romania. Before the sale the Sea Wolf and Exocet missile systems were removed, and the only armament the ship had when delivered was two 30mm BMARC cannons and two three-tube ASW torpedo launchers. The Romanian Navy had a 76mm Oto-Melera gun system fitted forward where the Exocets had been mounted, but no missile systems, or additional weapons have been fitted. There has since been some controversy over the price at which Romania purchased the ship.
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