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Royal Navy - Guided Missile Destroyer

D 90 HMS Southampton

d 90 hms southampton insignia crest patch badge royal navy destroyer hms southampton d 90 type 42 sheffield class destroyer royal navy
Type, class: Guided Missile Destroyer; Sheffield / Type 42 class (Batch 2)
Builder: Vosper Thornycroft, Southampton, U.K.
Awarded: March 17, 1976
Laid down: October 21, 1976
Launched: January 29, 1979
Commissioned: October 31, 1981
Decommissioned: February 12, 2009
Fate: scrapped in Turkey

Homeport: -
Namesake: City of Southampton, Hampshire, England
Ships Motto: PRO JUSTITIUS PRO REGE (for justice and the Queen)
Technical Data: see INFO > Sheffield / Type 42 class Guided Missile Destroyer

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hms southampton d 90 type 42 sheffield class destroyer royal navy

hms southampton d 90 royal navy destroyer

d90 hms southampton type 42 sheffield class

HMS Southampton (D 90):

Operational Service:

In 1984, she ran over one of the Shambles Buoys off Portland during the final Thursday War intended to prepare her to deploy to the Falklands. The collision sank the buoy and resulted in a period in dry dock for repair.

On 3 September 1988, whilst serving on the Armilla Patrol, she was involved in a collision with MV Tor Bay, a container ship in the convoy being escorted through the Straits of Hormuz.

On 3 February 2006, the ship was involved in the seizing of 3.5 tonnes of cocaine in the Caribbean.

On 31 July 2008, she was placed in a state of "Extended Readiness" and she was decommissioned on 12 February 2009. The ship was auctioned on 28 March 2011 and was later towed from Portsmouth on 14 October 2011 to Leyal Ship Recycling's scrapyard in Aliaga, Turkey.

source: wikipedia


d 90 hms southampton insignia patch coat of arms royal navy
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