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Republic of Korea Navy - ROKN
Dolgorae class Midget Submarine
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Unit Korean Name Builder Launched Commissioned STATUS
ROKS SSM-051 - KTS April 2, 1982 1985 decommissioned 2003
ROKS SSM-052 - KTS ? 1990 decommissioned 2016
ROKS SSM-053 - KTS ? 1991 decommissioned 2016
Korea Takoma Shipyard - KTS (now Hanjin Heavy Industry Co. Ltd.), Busan, RoK

175 tonnes (full load)
25 meters (82 feet)
Beam: 2.1 meters (6 ft 11 in)
Speed: 16 knots (30 km/h)
Complement: 14

2 x
406mm (16 inches) torpedo tubes
STN Atlas hull-mounted sonar
Pilkington CK34 search periscope
The Dolgorae class submarine was a type of midget submarine designed and acquired for the Republic of Korea Navy. All three units are now retired.

These midget submarines were the first South Korean submarines of any type. They were acquired primarily to obtain initial experience with the basics of operating a submarine force. The secondary mission to train surface ASW ships in the detection of North Korean midget submarines.

In November 2011, South Korea unveiled plans for a new mini-sub designated KSS-500A. In September 2015, Jane' reported that Hyundai Heavy Industries started construction of a single 40 m (130 ft) long HDS-400 mini submarine for an unnamed naval customer.

In November 2017, one Dolgorae-class submarine was opened as a museum ship in the new Seoul Battleship Park beside the Han River in western Seoul.

source: wikipedia

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