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Royal Norwegian Navy / Sjøforsvaret - Frigate
F 300 HNoMS Oslo
sorry, no insignia
f-300 hnoms oslo knm frigate royal norwegian navy sjoforsvaret 03
Type, class:
Frigate; Oslo class

Builder: Navy Main Yard, Karljohansvern, Horten, Norway
Laid down: 1963
Launched: January 17, 1964
Commissioned: January 29, 1966
Decommissioned: January 1994
Fate: ran aground and sunk in January 1994

Homeport: -
Namesake: City of Oslo (capital of Norway)
Technical Data: see INFO > Oslo class Frigate


f-300 hnoms oslo knm frigate royal norwegian navy sjoforsvaret 02
HNoMS Oslo (F 300):

After a refit in the late 1970s Oslo mounted the two twin 3-inch mounts, six Penguin surface-to-surface missiles, one Mk 29 octuple launcher for Sea Sparrow surface-to-air missiles, carrying 24 missiles in total, and six Mk 32 324 mm (13 in) torpedo tubes in two triple mounts. The ship received her Mk 91 radar director for the Sea Sparrow missiles, and was fitted with DRBU 22, TM 1226 and HSA M 22 radars and SQS-36 sonar. In the late 1980s, Oslo underwent another modernisation. This time the aft twin 3-inch mount was removed to make space for the Teme III rocket-launched depth charges and 40 mm/70 calibre gun and Terne III and TSM 2633 hull and variable depth sonar and replacing the SQS-36.

On 24 January 1994, Oslo ran aground near the lighthouse on Marstein Island. The frigate had suffered a boiler feed pump failure and drifted in heavy seas before running aground. On 25 January, the tugboat Lars began to tow the frigate. However, as the frigate's situation deteriorated and it was believed that Oslo would not make port, Lars released the tow and the frigate sank.

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