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Royal Norwegian Navy / Sjøforsvaret
Sleipner class Corvette

sleipner class corvette hnoms knm aeger royal norwegian navy sjoforsvaret 02x
F 310
HNoMS Sleipner (1965)
F 311
HNoMS Aeger (1967)
69,3 meters (227 feet 6 inches)
Beam: 7,9 meters (25 ft 11 in)
Draught: 2,5 meters (8 ft 2 in)
Displacement: 803 tons (full load)
Speed: 20 knots (37 km/h)
Range: ?
Complement: 61

4 x MTU diesel engines
6710 kW (9000 hp)
1 x Mk-34 76mm (3 inches) gun
1 x Bofors 40L70 AA gun
1 x Kongsberg TERNE III Anti-Submarine Rocket Weapon System
2 x Mk-32 triple torpedo tubes (12.75" / 324mm)

1 x depth charge rack (6 depth charges)

Decca TM 1226 surface search radar
Decca 202 navigation radar
Phillips TVT-300 optronic fire control systems
Thomson-CSF Spheron hull sonar
AN/SQS-36 sonar

F 310 HNoMS Sleipner
Builder: Nylands Mekaniske Verksted, Oslo
Laid down: 1963
Launched: November 9, 1963
Commissioned: April 29, 1965
Decommissioned: 1993
Fate: sunk as a target

Namesake: Sleipner (Norse mythology)
F 311 HNoMS Aeger
Builder: Aker Mekaniske Verksted, Oslo
Laid down: 1964
Launched: September 24, 1965
Commissioned: March 31, 1967
Decommissioned: 1993
Fate: scrapped

Namesake: Aeger (Norse mythology)
The Sleipner class was a series of corvettes ordered as part of the Royal Norwegian Navy's 1960 fleet plan. It was intended to build five ships of the class, but because of economic problems only two were built; Sleipner and Æger.

Sleipner was built by Nylands Mekaniske Verksted, Oslo, and Æger by Aker Mekaniske Verksted, Oslo, and handed over to the Royal Norwegian Navy between 1965-1967. The ships were armed with an American 3 in (76.2 mm) gun forward and a Bofors 40 mm gun aft, with a Terne III anti-submarine rocket launcher ahead of the 40 mm gun. The ships were fitted with American SQS-36 sonar.

The ships had their anti-submarine capabilities improved in 1972, when they were fitted with Mark 32 anti-submarine torpedo tubes. The ships were mainly used as training ships in the 1980s, although they did retain a wartime role as coastal escorts. They were again modernised between 1988 and 1989, with new sonar and gun fire control systems fitted. They were decommissioned in 1993.

In Norse mythology, Sleipnir (the slipper) is an eight-legged horse ridden by Odin.

In Norse mythology, Ægir (also Aegir) (Old Norse "sea") is a sea "jötunn" associated with the ocean.
He is also known for being a friend of the gods and hosting elaborate parties for them.

source: wikipedia


class images

sleipner class corvette royal norwegian navy sjoforsvaret mk-34 76mm gun 02
Mk-34 76mm (3 inches) single gun turret

sleipner class corvette royal norwegian navy sjoforsvaret mk-32 torpedo tubes bofors 40mm aa gun
Mk-32 torpedo tubes (center) - Bofors 40mm AA gun
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