Royal Netherlands Navy / Koninklijke Marine



Tromp class Guided Missile Frigate


HNLMS Tromp (F 801) and De Ruyter (F 806)




in service




F 801 HNLMS Tromp


Royal Schelde, Vlissingen

sold for scrap


F 806 HNLMS De Ruyter


Royal Schelde, Vlissingen

sold for scrap



General Information:

The Tromp Class were two destroyers built for the Royal Netherlands Navy during the 1970s. Officially classified as frigates, the two Tromp class destroyers entered service in 1975 and 1976 and served until 1999 and 2001. Both ships were built by Royal Schelde Shipyard in Flushing (Vlissingen). The ships served as fleet flagships and area air defence vessels. Their 3-D radar under a large polyester radome, gave the ships the nickname "Kojak" in the Royal Netherlands Navy.


Both ships were decommissioned (1999 & 2001);


Technical characteristics (as built):

Length: 138,40 meters

Beam: 14,80 meters

Draft: 4,60 meters (6,60 m)

Displacement: 4308 tons (full load)

Propulsion: COGOG (Combined Gas or Gas)

2 Rolls Royce Olympus TM3B gas turbines (44000 shp);

2 Rolls Royce Tyne RM1C gas turbines (8200 shp);

2 shafts; 2 controllable pitch propellers;

Speed: 30 knots

Crew: approx. 305

Aviation/Hangar: aft Helicopter deck; space for 1 Helicopter (Westland Lynx);


Armament (as built):

2 120mm Bofors guns in a twin-turret;

40 Standard-SAM SM-1MR SAM (launched from Mk.13/Mod.4 launcher);

16 Sea Sparrow SAM (2 x 4 in Mk.29 launcher / manual reload);

8 Harpoon RGM-84 SSM (2 x 4 in Mk.141 launcher);

1 30mm Signaal SGE-30 Goalkeeper Close in Weapon System (CIWS);

2 20mm Oerlikon AA;

2 Mk.32 - triple 12,75 Torpedo Tubes, firing Mk.46/Mod.5 Torpedoes;





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