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Jacob van Heemskerck - class Guided Missile Frigate (L-Frigate)


HNLMS Jacob van Heemskerck (F 812) – US Navy photo




in service




F 812 HNLMS Jacob van Heemskerck


Royal Schelde, Vlissingen

sold to Chile


F 813 HNLMS Witte de With


Royal Schelde, Vlissingen

sold to Chile



General Information:

The Royal Netherlands Navy Air Defence Frigate (Luchtverdedigingsfregat / L-Fregat) platform is based on the successful Kortenaer class. The AAW suite has been improved by adding a Mk13 mod 1 launcher with SM-1 capability. The sensor suite has been adapted by replacing the WM25 search and tracking radar with a DA05 air surveillance radar and a STIR 1.80 tracking and illumination radar and adding an additional STIR 2.40 tracking and illumination radar aft. The AAW suite provides three layers of defence, ensuring an AAW umbrella at task force level.

Later the DA05 air surveillance radar was replaced by SMART-S 3D radar. The ships are provided with command facilities for a Task Group Commander and his staff. In consistence with specialisation to the AAW functionality the medium calibre gun and the hangar are sacrificed.

The two frigates have been sold to Chile and are now sailing under the names CNS Almirante Latorre / FFG 14 (former F 812) and CNS Capitán Prat / FFG 11 (former F 813).


Technical characteristics (as built):

Length: 130,50 meters

Beam: 14,60 meters

Draft: 4,30 meters (6,20 meters – w/propellers)

Displacement: 3750 tons (full load)

Propulsion: COGOG (Combined Gas or Gas)

                   2 Rolls Royce Olympus TM3B gas turbines (51400 shp);

                   2 Rolls Royce Tyne RM1C gas turbines (9900 shp);

                   2 shafts; 2 controllable pitch propellers (CPP);

Speed: 30 knots

Crew: approx. 200

Aviation/Hangar: none


Armament (as built):

40  Standard Missile SM-1MR SAM (launched from Mk.13 launcher);

24  Sea Sparrow SAM (2 x 4 in Mk.29 launcher / manual reload);

8    Harpoon RGM-84 SSM (2 x 4 in Mk.141 launcher);

1    30mm Signaal SGE-30 Goalkeeper Close in Weapon System (CIWS);

2    20mm Oerlikon AA;

2    Mk.32/Mod.9 - twin 12,75” Torpedo Tubes, firing Mk.46/Mod.5 Torpedoes;


Jacob van Heemskerck class guided missile frigate FFG


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