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F 581  -  ITS Carabiniere



f 581 carabiniere crest insignia patch badge frigate italian navy

f 581 carabiniere its navy alpino class frigate italian navy marina militare italiana cantieri navali tirreno riva trigoso

Type, Class:


Frigate; Alpino class



Cantieri Navali Riuniti del Tirreno, Riva Trigoso, Italy



Laid down: January 9, 1965

Launched: September 30, 1967

Commissioned: April 28, 1968

Decommissioned: November 19, 2008






Carabiniere - arm of carabineers

Ship’s motto:


NEI SECOLI FEDELE  ‘faithful throughout the centuries’

Technical Data:

(Measures, Propulsion,

Armament, Aviation, etc.)


see: INFO > Alpino - class Frigate


ship images


f 581 its nave carabiniere alpino class frigate italian navy

Carabiniere as missile and radar test ship


f 581 its carabiniere frigate alpino class italian navy



f 581 carabiniere frigate paams test trials orizzonte horizon sylver vls aster 15 30 missile empar radar



F 581 ITS Carabiniere:


Carabiniere was used as a trials ship for new missiles and radar - Principal Anti Air Missile System (PAAMS).
PAAMS is now in service with the Orizzonte/Horizon class Frigates in Italian and French Navy (Sylver VLS / Aster 15, 30 SAM / EMPAR multi-function radar)


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