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F 564  -  ITS Lupo



f 564 lupo crest insignia patch badge plaque frigate italian navy

f 564 lupo its nave class frigate italian navy marina militare italiana cantiere navale riva trigoso peru bap palacios fm-56

Type, Class:


Frigate; Lupo class



Cantiere Navale di Riva Trigoso, Italy



Laid down: October 8, 1974

Launched: July 29, 1976

Commissioned: September 20, 1977

Decommissioned: 2003

Fate: transferred to Peru on November 3, 2004 / renamed BAP Palacios (FM 56)






Lupo - Lupus (Latin for Wolf) is a star-constellation in the southern sky.

Ship’s motto:



Technical Data:

(Measures, Propulsion,

Armament, Aviation, etc.)


see: INFO > Lupo - class Frigate


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f 564 lupo class frigate italian navy marina militare italiana


f 564 its lupo frigate italian navy


its nave lupo f 564 frigate italian navy



F 564 ITS Lupo:


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