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Surface Vessel Weapon System
27mm light naval machine gun system
mlg-27 rheinmetall mauser light naval gun system 27mm german navy

The Mauser MLG27 is a remote-controlled, fully automatic light naval gun system against air, small sea and land-targets used aboard German Navy ships.

Caliber: 27mm
Barrel: single barrel
Elevation: -15° to +60°
Train: -/+ 170°
Range: 2000 meters
Rate of fire: 1000 or 1700 rounds per minute (selectable)
Control: TV camera, IR camera, laser-rangefinder, automatic or manually target-tracking / remote controlled from a station inside the ship

used on:
Type 122 Bremen class Frigate
Type 123 Brandenburg class Frigate
Type 124 Sachsen class Guided Missile Frigate
Type 130 Braunschweig class Corvette
Type 125 Baden Württemberg class Frigate

and other German Navy ships


mlg-27 marine leicht geschütz mauser rheinmetall 27mm machine gun system

mlg-27 machine gun system 27mm mauser german navy

mlg-27 machine gun system 27mm german navy frigate

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