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Royal Navy / Royal Fleet Auxilary - Dock Landing Ship

L 3007 RFA Lyme Bay

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rfa lyme bay l 3007 amphibious dock landing ship royal fleet auxilary navy
Type, class: Dock Landing Ship - LSD / Bay class
Builder: Swan Hunter Shipbuilding, Wallsend / BAE Systems Naval Ships, Govan, UK
Awarded: December 18, 2000
Laid down: November 22, 2000
Launched: September 3, 2005
In Service: November 26, 2007

Ships Motto:
Technical Data:
see INFO > Bay class Dock Landing Ship

ship images

rfa lyme bay l 3007 hms dock landing ship amphibious transport royal fleet auxilary navy hms

l 3007 rfa lyme bay hms dock landing ship

l 3007 rfa lyme bay hms royal navy dock landing ship auxilary

l3007 rfa lyme bay

rfa lyme bay l3007 dock landing ship

l 3007 rfa hms lyme bay dock landing ship royal fleet auxilary navy

RFA Lyme Bay (L 3007) is a Bay-class auxiliary landing ship dock (LSD(A)) of the British Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA). Lyme Bay and sister ship Largs Bay were ordered from Swan Hunter on 18 December 2000. Lyme Bay was laid down at Swan Hunter's shipyard at Wallsend, Tyne and Wear on 22 November 2002. The ship was launched on 3 September 2005. The Bay class construction project saw major delays and cost overruns, particularly in the Swan Hunter half of the project. Shortly after Largs Bay was handed over to the RFA, Swan Hunter was stripped from the project, with BAE taking full responsibility for the class on 13 June 2006. Lyme Bay was towed to BAE's shipyard in Govan for completion, departing on 16 July and arriving on the River Clyde on 22 July. The ship was the last to be built on the River Tyne, and the only warship built by Swan Hunter but not completed. BAE completed construction, and Lyme Bay was dedicated on 26 November 2007; the last ship of the class to enter RFA service.

Operational history:

Lyme Bay was deployed for three years on a Maritime Security Patrol in the Persian Gulf, based in Bahrain, acting in a support role of coalition and allied forces. In June 2012, Lyme Bay sailed from Bahrain to return home to the UK undergo a planned refit and regeneration period.

In August 2013, she joined the COUGAR 13 task group. On 16 October 2013 she joined Operation Atalanta, the EU’s counter-piracy force off Somalia; she will rejoin the COUGAR group in mid-November.

Lyme Bay has deployed for the COUGAR 14 Response Force Task Group exercise.

Between June and December 2015 the ship was on Hurricane watch in the Caribbean and had a Lynx HMA.8 from 234 Flight of 815 Naval Air Squadron for the duration. In September she spent six days off Dominica providing humanitarian and disaster relief following Tropical Storm Erika. Lyme Bay finished Atlantic Patrol Tasking (North) in December 2015.

source: wikipedia
Lyme Bay is an area of the English Channel situated in the southwest of England between Start Bay in the west and Portland in the east. The counties of Devon and Dorset front onto the bay. 


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